The add with Kris is airing now. A coworker just told me he
saw the add last night. He thinks it was on either ABC or NBC. He was
flipping channels so is not sure what network it was on.

Too bad just folded recently. If they could have hung on for
just another month or so, the ad would have shown up there.
Then it could have been downloaded as a Quick Time video and so everyone
could get a chance to see it (even those outside of the US).


>From: John Hooten <>
>Any word on when will air the ad you filmed last year. Will
>it be a Super Bowl ad? I’m watching the Sugar Bowl right now which is
>partially sponsored by and I remembered the ad that you made.
>All the best,
>John Hooten

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Anyone have a link to this AD or could someone tape it and convert?