Monster BC Wheel

I’m not very good on a BC wheel so this might be an unfair review but at the leeds juggling convention last week I finally saw what I had been waiting for.

Roger from UDC, experimental as ever had brought with him a brand new prototype BC wheel with the 4 and a half inch monster tyre on it.

He had only built it the night before so I was probably one of the first to attempt it and it was great fun. the curve of the tyre makes it turn really smoothly with only a small amount of lean and the mass of the tyre just keeps it rolling for ages. It’s a lot easier to balance on than a normal BC wheel as far as I am concerned and although for experienced BC wheelers it would probably just be a novelty item I thought that it was cool.

Just waiting till I get to have another go on it now.

Hopefully someone will be able to get a picture of it on it’s next outing.


I was thinking of doing that for a little bit.

Basically the reason I didn’t end up building one is because I was unable to find a super wide front bike hub. I figured if you used a standard hub the tire would just melt your legs the whole time.

I would buy one if it was made with a 14 mm or lager diameter axle and a strong rim, that seems to be the thing I kill on BC wheels, I just flat spotted my tryall rim.

I really want to see pics of this.