monovember vid.

made this november 2007.

it goes ok.

Nice, good music… though it wasn’t really summer, was it?

yeah. i live in Australia so it is still summer here currently.

Cool, nice vid.

For some reason I had a feeling you were from australia, I think i reconized some skate parks from another video or something…

yeah. i live around the same area as matty p, dan cowling and alex toms.

so no doubt u would have seen those parks in there vids.

Why did it say mr cowling in your video? Are you related to him or something

haha i was just giving him props for his breif 3 seconds in the video. when he crankflips to pedal grab on a quater pipe then drops in.

i just said mr cowling to be different and not like all the other caarnts who make rediculously gahy credits.

It seems the NSW riders seem to always grind backfoot.
Nice video man.

That was indeed entertaining. Old school.

I didn’t like the prehoping before jumps though… that was odd.

thats not odd, thats pilchy style.

top vid man.

Yeah I thought the same thing, but its not all that bad.

He can grind handrails and I can’t, so he’s a badass in my book

Ouch, that’s kind of mean isn’t it? Stating a trait that is horrible for street riding, and really kills the look, is someone’s “style”. ouch

I liked this video, a lot of nice riding in it. But that pre hopping thing ruined it for me. It’s like your going to rolling hop it but then you lose most of your momentum when you prehop, it kind of defys the point of rolling hopping it. Dont mean to sound harsh so please dont take it the wrong way, just a friendly bit of advice. But apart from that it is a really enjoyable video :smiley:

Like the grinds the most.
And the last song, what is the title?

Peter M

yeah your right. im sory for being so mean pilchy. still friends?

im honoured, i finally got targeted for one of shauns rants, props?

yeah matty. u get props. i can land it all no pre hops. im just trying to be less like shaun.

shaun dont talk about style. u grind front foot… ewwwy


Nice video!

you got msn ?

yeah sure do.

now thats a bit unfair… thats the same as saying someone has bad style because he is right handed (since from what I’ve seen most riders grind front foot).

The vid was pretty nice, by the way.