Monotreal (quebec) Street expert competition

#1 Hugo Duguay street run:

#2 Mikael Hebert street run:

thats what you get for trying a 13 stairs handrail when u still never tryed it BEFORE the competition :smiley:

I wanna see.


Awesome awesome park. Wish I could have a run there :stuck_out_tongue:

I wish I could of come so much. :frowning: Maybe next year if it’s still on.

That was an awesome park. Thanks for the uploads.

Did anyone else try that big set rail, or even landed the grind?

nice stuff guys. IMO the street competition setup has to change. Conventional skateparks ruin the flow for most unicyclists. They’re great for seshing but when you have to ride 1/2 way across the park it kind of breaks the whole flow or turns into a flat rutine.
The stuff you guys hit was great! i think im going to throw a street comp and organize a new way to do this, cause it isnt working IMO

that would be an awesome park to sesh though for a few hours

Solution: Kevin’s new format that we used at NAUCC. It’s so chill and awesome.
You take turns seshing a spot with a group of like 5 riders for about 5mins before moving to the next spot for 5 mins. The judges watch the group at each spot.

so almost like a "best trick of the day"type of thing? or best overall rider?

me, grinded like 65%-70% of the rail and rolling after.


thats what happened at the british comps, i really liked it, it gave you time to think about what to do next, it also took off the pressure of a “national comp”

connie cotter described it as “a jam session” which i think is a perfect description

Best overall.

thats awesome, WAY better

That’s awesome, was it on video?

And was it the kinked one or the straight down one?

Either way, still awesome.

Marty went for it during his street run right? Did he end up getting it afterwards or before?

I got like 60% of the way down it i think as well. I just tryed it the three times, no times before or after.
I was spent after the high jump, my ass killed far too much to give it another go.

I don’t agree with you.

I consider that the whole spirit of Street riding is being able to make your way to a point with style and flow. If you can’t ride through a skatepark and perform tricks on the obstacles that are on your way, then go ride flat of freestyle (No offense here, I respect you all and am not trying to demean any of you). I understand what you mean and of course what I described is not how we ride all the time, but the idea came from there.

I think what would solve this problem is longer runs - around 3 minutes - so we really can sess everything we want to by doing a couple of round-trips all over the park. On the other hand, I also like the new Street rules of Dan and Kevin, but it is not ideal in a fixed park where we can’t have three very delimited sections.

The skatepark was indeed awesome to sess over a couple of hours, but I’m not sure I liked their stairsets, they were a bit exagerated (approximately 2 inches of rise, 10 inches of run). Atleast I can brag I 180ed up a 6 set. :wink: (Which for some reasons didn’t appear in the video of my run…)


-im agree with Hugo.
-Hi Marty! :slight_smile:
-Yes my handrail is on video, im currently making a new video, its going to be there.