Mononordic Mountain Unicycle Race [Ontario, Canada]

I just came across this, thought I’d share for any Ontario mountain unicyclists …

Mononordic Mountain Unicycle Race
September 30, 2012
Distance: 5km
Where: Monora Park, Orangeville (West of Hwy 10 North)
Registration: $10

I’ve registered. Hope to see some others there too.


I dont think the 6 hours car ride is worth it for a 10km race. Do you know if there’s any other unicyclists registered yet?

6 hours is definitely a long trip for a 5km ride. I’m not sure how many riders are registered as the unicycle race is just an add-on to a trail run being organized by the local nordic ski club.

I just registered , hope there is more than 3 of us, should be fun no matter what

It’s about 3.5 hours from me. If it was a more epic-ish muni race or get together I’d consider it. It’s be cool to meet some of my Canadian brethren.