Monohoho and ET

jsut a small vid of to friend of mine the youngest is only 12 and he kick ass in flatland riding enjoy!!!…wmv

It tells me this…

Picture 1.png

Unfortanately, EIGHTY SEVEN megabytes is not exactly “small”. It’s gonna be q while to DL even with dsl. Here goes…

nice video. download wasent to long and the 12 year old kid is really good!

that was great! it inspired me.

Well that was sure worth the wait! That 12 year old is amazing…watch out Luke collato!:smiley:

That was a really well made vid :):slight_smile:

The one difference (other than Luke’s huge repratuar of really hard tricks), and one of the best things for him to work on reducing, is this kid has LOTS of correction/prehops and Luke has NONE (which i find amazing in itself. I’ve only seen him ever do one correctionhop, one time, and never any prehops out of all of his vids)

Oh, and I love the rim on that silver uni :sunglasses:

That 12 year old kid is amazing!!!

both of em are awesome!!

Awesome, crankrolls are cool.

Well this 12 year old has three years to hit Luke’s age, so I would say that he will be easily as polished as Luke or even better when he’s 15…if he keeps at it and works hard, which he undoubtedy is doing.:smiley:

Great video.

Camera work was pretty good, editing was good, music choice was good, riding was good, good work boys. thru & thru, very enjoyable.
When can we expect another?