Monocycles / Monowheels

I was doing my usual search for unicycle articles and came across this:

One-wheeled wonders

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10 February 2003
St. Petersburg Times
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I’ve got Segway fever, but mine is nowhere to be found. My guess is I’ll get the thing when they’re passe. I’ll be forced to stand in line for the next hot gadget, only to have my dreams dashed and forced to live out the consumer version of the American Nightmare. Or maybe I’ll forgo the deposit and just get one of these scary-yet-enthralling motorized unicycles. In essence, it’s a huge tire with a man and an engine almost inside. The low center of gravity looks as if it stops you from falling over. But I have a propensity to bash my vehicles into things such as walls and other vehicles. Read the history of the motor wheel here and learn how for a mere $8,000 or so you can have one of your very own.

The link in the article goes to a page with lots of photos, history and other links to monowheel information.

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

Those things are great! I downloaded that video a while ago.


Re: Monocycles / Monowheels

Check this one out!

  • Joe in MN

Thats a sweet looking monowheel!
Imagine gerbiling in that thing!

Re: Re: Monocycles / Monowheels

Those ones are not so virtual, are they ?

This reminded me of a discussion from a while ago as to whether leaning alone will cause a unicycle to turn. This seems to support that.

That’s an interesting point. I guess it does prove it.