While on a recent working holiday to Tasmania (Australia’s Island State), I saw this picture in a shop window. It was part of an advertisement for a taxi company.

I want one!

But I want lots of things that I have no real use or need for. Damn consumerist behaviour.



does anyone have the link to the harley biker guy crashing his monocycle? i cant find it and i remember seeing it somwhere. i didnt “what one” after seeing that.

The Mclean V8 monowheel pictures and video is here: (and many others too)

Edit: The video on there is not the crash video. Not sure where that one is, but it is enough to make you not want one so bad.

I just saw one of McLean’s crashes on TV today. It was on the Discovery Channel for Monster Garage or Monster Nation or something like that (I wasn’t paying attention to the TV till I saw the monowheel). It showed video of him riding his big V8 monocycle in a residential neighborhood and loosing it during a turn. It did a couple of odd sideways flips and it looked like it may have gerbiled too (the seat goes upside down and tries to do a complete revolution inside the wheel).

It wasn’t a high speed crash. But it was still a violent and dangerous tumble. He could have been crushed by the wheel or the engine.

If you want one you can buy one from McLean. He sells them. Several different sizes from small to big.

i think thats the one in saw years ago. for some reason ( probobly embarassment) it has been removed. sombody must have it if its on TV.