Monociclo Trial vol. 2

Hi all, this is my last video on unicycle:

I’m very happy! :slight_smile:

cool video dude why is it your last vid? sum cool rock stuff there.

I think he meant to say “…on my last unicycle ride.”

I don’t want to scare you but there’s someone (or something) stalking you at 1min10!!

The riding’s quite lol but good on you anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m italian boy. Sorry for my english. “my last video” for this moment. I make this yesterday…

no need to be sorry but good riding

I was hoping that you would jump over that dog.

Muahahaha :smiley:

great video, I would like to show it on utv also cause there is no Italian stuff up to now.
What’s about some riders from Italy at Gracisce DH in Istria / Croatia next month ? Maybe you can promote it in some Italian mono boards. Would be great to have some Italians there.