Monkey on a Uni

Just in time for the Memorial Day parade tomorrow…

We’ve been looking for an animal such as this to add to our parade routine and finally found one. I just finished him up today. Ben was trying him out around the block and really slowed up some traffic. Can’t wait for it’s debut tomorrow.

Only thing is we don’t have a name for him yet. Any suggestions?

By the way, the Monkey on a Uni is the one in front…


that is fantastic!

where would one find such a monkey?


I am impressed.


We actually found it at a local thrift store in a pile of other stuffed animals. We had been looking for something like that for such a long time and finally found it. Mary almost whooped out loud in the store because it was such a find. I had even tried searching online with no success.

I used a piece of 4" PVC attached to the uni seat for the body. The legs are made of hinged aluminum flatstock with covered with flex tubing to give the limbs some fullness. I used clothesline wire to form bendable arms. Everything seems to work well. One comment on the legs, the flatstock had to be long enough to keep a forward angle in the legs so they wouldn’t suddenly try to bend backwards during operation.

I’ve uploaded a short clip of Ben riding with the monkey at
The clip is in front of our home, our dogs Abby and Riley are in the driveway.


That’s a pretty awesome unicycling monkey!

but anyway, to give you a name for your uni-monkey, I’m thinking “J.Gordan Hungerdunger, the amazing one-wheeled super simian!” I know it sounds kind of stupid, but I like it more than “bonzo the unicycling circus monkey” or “mojo the monkey with stupendous ballancing technique”

Anyway that’s just my idea, I hope you find a name for the monkey that you like, personally I think “J.Gordan Hungerdunger, the amazing one-wheeled super simian!” is pretty catchy but you might not.

When you decide on a name for him, please post it, i’m curious what you decide to name him.

ha ha !

:stuck_out_tongue: a UniMonk!

Oh, I meant to mention one other thing. The 16" uni belongs to the club and the monkey is attached to his seat and is removable. For a parade or other show, we simply change out the regular 16" uni seat with the monkey and attach the monkey feet to the pedals. Works very well.

We did get bumped out of the parade today by the rain. It’s been an unusually rainy spring here in the midwest and it got us today. We have an out of town parade next Sunday so we’ll just have to wait for Mr. Unimonk’s (not the official name yet…) debut.