Monguni: The Mongolia Unicycle Tour- and we're off!

A thread for all the riders going to Mongolia :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m waiting in Sydney Airport for my flight to Beijing-UlaanBaatar.

Where is everyone? Hopefully my next update will be from UB!


Still at home for the French team ! We leave this afternoon (French time) so within 10 hours.

See you all at UB :stuck_out_tongue:

I wish the Monguni riders a lot of fun!
I’m taking my MUni along to my holiday in the French Alps, leaving tomorrow morning, so don’t worry… I’ll have fun too. (as if anyone worried)

Just sitting in a bar in UB with ken on the first day having lunch while we settle in and set off tomorrow. The roads in the city are full of potholes and we are exacting conditions to get more fun. :slight_smile:


More jealous than I’ve ever been. Post some pics at the end. Have fun!

There is a MUNI week-end in the French Alps starting the 21st of august. If you’re still around there, it should be pretty cool. Registration will close the 10th of august.

See this thread on the french forum for more info :

Hope everyone has fun during the Monguni, especially Teddy ! Be safe everyone, and enjoy.

We are back in Ulaan Baatar after a week and a half of riding in the amazing grassland steppes of Mongolia. Everyone made it safely through the tour.

I’ll update the website when I get a better internet connection :slight_smile:

Now off to find some food…

Here’s a video made by Jason Williams of Grasshopper Adventures on the Mongolia tour:

Wow… that must have been a great ride… and I see China next year… that would be great to join.

So how did the 36ers do in Mongolia? Were they the perfect uni for the terrain?

Look like so much fun! I envy you guys & gals who go to all these far away awesome countries to ride! Thanks for the writeup and video! :smiley:

There were quite a few 36ers, but only four geared 36ers. I was really unsure about it - but it turned out the geared 36 was 100% perfect for this trip. There were some amazing descents where I just cruised at 30-35 for LONG periods. The dirt in Mongolia is smoother in general than California, that’s for sure. I am SO glad we brought them.


Mph? :astonished: I find that beyond impossible to fathom! (Since you’re an American, and we don’t use the metric system (officially) I just assumed you meant mph. But since you didn’t specify, you must be referring to km/h, which would equate to a range of speed of 18.6 to 21 mph.)

Wow, Jason got onto that video pretty quick! Considering he spent two days stuck in Mongolia with flight delays.

I’m still crunching to the photos. Hope to upload them to the website blog this weekend.

Yes, the next Unitour is in Yunnan Province, China. Hence the Yunnanuni Tour.

James- 36’ers were ideal for Mongolia. Fast easy terrain and they are good for soaking up bumps. I used a 29’er because it was easier to travel with.

lol. yunnanuni. nice video jason williams

Of course it’s kph. Whatever country we are in we use that country’s units. That’s pretty much kph everywhere except home in the USA.

Normally I don’t go over 30 on dirt, but there were many sections in Mongolia where you could go any speed. A faster rider would’ve had no trouble cruising at 40. This was the first time I found it comfortable to go so fast (for me) on dirt.


i wonder how fast my average speed is…i had my mom follow me with her road bike (with cyclometer) and she said my top speed was 14.2 miles per hour. i know i have gone faster, but i didnt want to crash.

Nathan is being modest, he is/was fast. I had no chance of keeping up with him at times!

There were certainly sections of the ride where I wished I had my Schlumpf with me. Since the ride was generally very relaxed a lot of the time I was happy with the fixed, it also had the advantage of the disc brake.


what were the average speeds?

Here are the GPS plots for the days I rode:

Day 5 37.27km
Day 6 37.97km
Day 8 45.78km
Day 9 30.96km
Day 10 31.19km

For instance, stats for Day 6:

Time: 07:22:55
Moving Time: 02:43:58
Avg Speed: 5.1 km/h
Avg Moving Speed: 13.9 km/h
Max Speed: 33.7 km/h

So the average speed is walking speed (5.1). There was lots of hanging out and regrouping. Even with a fair amount of time at over 30, the average is still slow due to a fair amount of (slow) climbing. I never had as much as 3 hours moving time on any day.