Mongoose bicycle pegs

Chrome in good condition with one slight spot of wear at the outer edge of one peg. One set available.

$3.00 plus actual shipping costs.

email me at bruceedwards at verizon dotnett.

i put a pair of these on my unicycle once. doesnt quite work out.

how much is the shipping on this one haha

it says to email him.

i’ve got a pair of them at home, they are awesome!

I was checking email earlier and just got back to the forums. Shoot me a zip code and I’ll check on the shipping price.


hey ive got these same things on my mini bike:)

I just noticed that the two pegs are not the same. One is a Mongoose but the other doesn’t have a company indication on it. They are pretty much the same thing though. I just wanted to make the disclaimer known before someone bought them. Kind of make me wonder what happened to the matching pegs to these two.

on my mongoose pegs only one of them has the symbol on it too. and they’re genuine.

These ones are shaped a little differently so I don’t think they’re the same. I’ll have to see if I have more pegs somewhere. If not, I think these are perfectly functional.

Just a question, what would you use these for? a pegged bc wheel?

a bike?

Ha, fine then. I was thinking unis… :roll_eyes:

hahaha that made me laff, clap clap miles


Yep. A BMX bike. Although, we had them on a giraffe uni once to learn to hand pedal a giraffe. We weren’t too good at it so we took them off. I used to have a picture of Dustin Kelm handpedaling a giraffe uni but I can’t find it now.

I know what you mean, he does it in the bonus stuff in defect. It looks cool.

are these sold yet?


We’ve had Dustin here in Rochelle twice over the years and have even had the honor of having Dustin and Katie stay in our home once.

oh yeah well dustin lives here in minnesota :wink: