Im stuck here. I finaly have some money togather, but not that much. I have about 400 bucks, which that allows me to get a new 2007 KH20 or Custom Koxx-One Devil.

I really want the KH but theres only one left where im ordering it from so it might sell out.

Then im left with 2 options, buy a K1 or wait who knows how long and save up a hundred more bucks and get a 2008 KH20. :thinking:

So im just asking for some input on what you would do?


Also what is the difference in weight, and quality?

Boredom! :roll_eyes:

I would save up for the 08.

yea, as would I.

How desperate are you for a new uni? If you can wait, save for the KH20 08, if not go for the 07 KH20.

Im pretty desperate, as i am riding a crappy sun learner uni. I want the 07KH but if it sells im stuck with saving for a 08 which will take a month atleast. Or buy a K1 devil then upgrading stuff over time like, hub, cranks, frame?

I’d advise against getting the Koxx and upgrading the parts afterwards, It will only cost more later. Go for the KH, it is still a very good unicycle and will probably cost less to upgrade later.

Id get the devil and upgrade the parts on it. Thats what i did and i love mine!:smiley:

Wait for the kh 08, you will save a ton of money, time and effort doing it.

How about a Nimbus with moments vs. a K1 is the K1 worth the extra $70? im so stuck right now! lol damn i need a money tree

Great, another setback i was in the process of making 200bucks for my iPhone, then my friend wanted to buy it. So i let him borrow it, then i got it back BROKEN. :angry: So now i will have to find something else to sell to buy a new uni, maybee my room. i will rent it out and i will sleep on the street,at least i will have a new uni.:stuck_out_tongue:

I have nothing i had about 400. The bid on my iphone was 200 so i was going get a 08. Since my friend ruiend that by breaking it now i only have 200. So i will have to get a job, or wait 11 weeks to save lunch money, or wait 5 weeks and get a nimbus with a KH wheel set.

Should get a nimbus…

Get that f***ing 100 bucks and buy a KH 2008 it’s so much better…!

Since i have ran into a money situation i am left with a few choices.

  1. Wait 10 weeks to get a KH08
  2. Wait 8 weeks to get a KH07
  3. Wait 7 weeks to get a K1 devil
  4. Wait 5 weeks to get a Nimbus with a KH wheelset
  5. Get this one from my friend now, but he does not know if its ISIS or not. Its dirty in the pictures because all he does is ride it around his house. He does not know what trials even are so it has very light use on it. But first i need to find out if its ISIS or not, if its not then im on choice 5.

I think number 5 is Isis, I would wait on somone elses opinoin or take off the cranks to make sure though.
I would go with the KH 08 so that you may be able to have a riding buddy later.

Yea im not going to get it from him if its not ISIS, if it is i could buy it from him, then order Moments then a Fusion saddle. All that would be about $150 including the uni, then i could get a 07KH frame. I could slowly upgrade it because i get $40 a week.
I cant save for 10 weeks for a KH08 i would kill myself riding my crappy sun uni! :smiley:

Throughout my career in unicycling I have found it well worth spending the extra money on the “better” components.

And say i get that nimbus, if i put moments on it will it require different crank bolt