money makes the wheel go round

k people i have to save 599 dollers to buy the krisholm freeride i have 295 but i need more money how can i get it
and kris holm if ur out there can i have one for free :roll_eyes:

No, Kris Holm isnt going to give you one for free :stuck_out_tongue: …

Get a job?

if i got a penny for every pointless post, i’d have like two dollars

get your parents to get it with there visa over the internet and say you have the money to pay them back. then you give them the 295 and say you miscounted. “opps” you will say after then pay them the rest little bits at a time:)

Disclaimer: I am not responsable for any amount of time being grounded, remember dis-honesty, lies and crime dosent pay, unless your really good at it.

Get a job?

im only twelve i cant

not with that attitude;)

you could ride to raise money. get 10 people (not your friends) to give you a penny per foot traveled. $10 per hundred feet may be the most you’ll ever get paid for unicycleing, but give 10 percent to a charity and tithe 10 percent. actually, since you’re pretty much robbing people who don’t do the math anyway just keep the full 100 percent and you’ll only have to pedal 6,000 feet…i think thats somewhere around $600 per mile. wow, maybe i should do that, at a grand every 2 miles i could finish a marathon and buy myself a honda s2000 and a kh, and one of those geared 29", and i could tell you guys about it right until the irs guys kicked in my door waiving the blue copy of my 1040ez. (j/k i file online now silly).
thats my 2 cents (or 2 feet)

you can get a paper route!
I did that at age twelve, and eventually it took me to Toronto Canada to compete in the Rubiks Cube World Championships!

How is the Rubiks Cube related to a paper route?

Nice! I had one too and eventually bought a flash new canary-yellow Schwinn Varsity 10-speed with it. My high school job at a farm nursery took me to hockey camp in Canada for a month. The bike also took me on an 8-day cycling tour with my father through New England, New York, and Canada.

It would have been cool to do the route on a unicycle instead of the bike, though a lot more work I think. Probably I would have had to split the load up into two parts. Nothing like printer’s ink all over your hands, arms…

I got a job as a lifeguard and bought a coker with that money, then I won a website competition and bought another uni with that money.

But i guess at 12 you need to either figure out how to get lots of money from chores or mow lawns in the summer or something.

Mow lawns, ask your parents if there is anything you can do to get paid, also get small jobs from your neighbors, it my take lots of work but the money quickly adds up, and if you have bad grades, tell your parents for every a you get, they pay you 20 dollars, then have your teachers give you a weekly report, and rake in the cash =p

or instead of all of that stuff…

you could consider getting a unicycle that only costs $295. since the job problem is that you are only 12, you prolly dont need a super heavy duty unicycle anyway… a $295 unicycle would prolly last until you need a better one and had saved up enough money to get one.

just a thought. id be thrilled to have a $295 unicycle.

yeah. How much do you weigh and how big of hops and drops do you do?

if you’re good at it, washing cars can be a good way to make cash. so can yard work. hire yourself out to neighbor with basically any chore for low rates. or maybe babysit, not super fun but it adds up quickly.

its not, I got a route to save money to go, and I did, so I went.

I can’t solve a cube in a day, let alone under a minute!