Money for gigs?

Hey everybody, my 2 friends and I just got hired to perform a gig for an entire elementary school for 1-1 and 1/2 hours. Well, we are all actors by trade, and good at many circus-y type things in addition to unicycling, so we know we can put on a good show. However, none of us are sure what is the appropriate amount to charge for such an event? We have no idea, given that the crowd is THAT large, (over 800, at least) but, we know it may mean good future gigs. Anybody have any idea what is appropriate for such a gig? Please help, and thanks!

I would say $50 a person to $150 a person would be fair (probably even on the low side) for 800 kids is alot and going for an hour + it takes alot to get a good act together for that long that will keep kids attention. Remember that you are getting paid for putting that act together not just the specific performance.

I know of other professionals who charge $1500+ for these types of gig’s

It also depends on the school system. We’ve rarely made more than about a hundred around here, and that’s with three or four jugglers. But Utah is a cheap place.
I would find out what they are expecting to pay. Maybe they are more of a hundred per person type of place; maybe more like a hundred per show. Find out.
Oh, and generally this is a good thing to find out when you get your gig. I have a habit of never turning down a show (they don’t happen too often around here), but it’s good to let them know up front that you do expect to be compensated.

It also depends on what they’re supposed to be getting. What are they paying for? What kind of show did you advertise? Do you have an hour and a half worth of material?

Charge too little and you cheapen the art. But if you’ve never done something like this, don’t charge too much. The rest is you buying experience.

1.5 hours is hella long for an elementary school audience, esp. if it’s for the whole range of K-6 or whatever. The shows I did with the National Circus Project were never over an hour for school audiences. Better to run short and be good than to run long and have the kids all antsy. Make sure to have plenty of audience participation to keep them interested.