MONDO 2005...who's going??

Is anyone going to the MONDO fest this year? Tommy, you said you were trying to get a group together right? I’m planning on going to it.
markf… are you and Seager coming up for it this year?

later… Mojoe in iced over Iowa

Sorry… here’s the link for info on it;


Mondofest starts in just 11 days! We are having a lot of unicycling events:

  • hours of unicycle hockey (Andy thinks he played 10 hours last year!)
  • incredible amount of space
  • demo by TCUC’s ShowGroup on Saturday afternoon
  • visitors from Denmark (6 members of the Danish National Team), the UK (Jon Marshall), possibly Puerto Rico, and from all over the midwest
  • a small trials setup
  • a small collection of unicycles from TCUC will be available for trying (ultimate wheels, BC wheels, 5’, 6’, & 9’ giraffes, and more).
  • a great show with a performances by World Champs Ryan Woessner and Amy Shields, the Passing Zone. Matt Hall, and others.
  • and oh yeah, there is some juggling too when your legs are too tired for unicycling.

See you here in MN!

Connie Cotter

Hell yes I’ll be there!

i gotta weasel out of work. and i’m there. if i can make it i’ll bring the uni too so i can play on the trials course.

bump. i’ve gotten out of one day of work now for the next. i’m pumped for this.

you gonna bring the trials uni and show us how it’s done?

any info on what trials stuff will be there? seager and i will probably try whatever’s there on our munis anyway, but i’m curious.

Sorry Mark, I’m not going to be able to make it up this year. The wife scheduled my boy’s birthday party for Saturday afternoon. :frowning:

Max usually has some kind of a trials set-up at MONDO. Check here;

for pictures from two years ago.

I’ll try to make it down to Ames sometime this spring.


I won’t be there. :frowning: I was trying to make last minute plans but airfare from Memphis went from $250 on Sunday to $925 on Monday. Tommy is planning to be there with one of Memphis Unicycle Club’s best young riders.

Sorry for the slowness of response, I dont generally check the forums anymore.

We’ll probably have a ~1m cube, some sandwich boards, some skinnies, we’re working on a teeter (not the deadly one), We’ll probably have a rather larger chunk of PVC, and the wedge as seen in previous years.

The list may vary, depending on what’s still in my parents garage.

that sucks mojoe!

those sound like fun obstacles that i might be able to actaully do stuff on. neat. also, i’ll be the tall guy on the muni with the huge blonde pony tail. say hi.

Im sure you’ll find me.

Besides the stuff that Max is bringing, there will be a high-jump setup. This is the same setup used for the last two NAUCC competitions.
TCUC’s Trials uni (a Summit) will also be there for people to try on the trials setup and high-jump.


will this all be in the same gym as the juggling and hockey was last year, or will we have to hunt to find it?

I definately didn’t notice any trials last year and I’m hoping I didn’t miss out. :slight_smile:


It’s in the same gym… just back in the corner by where the hockey takes place. Just on the other side of the “Crap from the Past” DJ guy.


There wasnt much last year, which is probably why you didnt see it.

I’ll be there! I just finished packing up the unis! Our MUC group of 5 has gone to only 2. The Austin festival took one and the high cost of flights took another causality.