Mondo 2004

I’ve got a few pics and vids from MONDO today. Sorry I didn’t get more, but I was having too much fun hanging out and talking with everyone.

cheers… Mojoe

Good video.

How tall is that giraffe?

Also, how did the dismount go?


I think the tall giraffe was a 12 footer, but I could be wrong. As for the dismount, he rode up to the wall and then climbed down the steps on the back of it.

Did you check out the stilt uni video yet? I missed an earlier attempt at it because I didn’t have the camera out.


It looked extremely difficult.

I assume that it was custom made? Or did they put a Giraffe seatpost on a regular uni?


The stilt uni was a long seat tubed freestyle uni with a seat post extension and another long seat post.

The giraffe is a 9 footer. The guy on the stilts is my brother, Brian.

Here’s Gus at Mondo with his John Deere.

101_0169_r1gus at mondo_1.jpg

Yeah… he said he was going to take a picture of it next to the John Deere Gator.

thanks for the photo… Joe