Mondo 08' schedule? Anyone know it?

Hey guys, i was just wondering if anyone knew the Schedule for this years Mondo Fest. I coulding find it here, So i was wondering if anyone knew it. I would be going down for just a day, and i wanted to know what day to go on. Also,…

1: Can i just come any day?
2: Am i bound to have to stay there for a bit?
3: schedule of course

Edit: Who would all be coming this year as well? This is going to be my first year, and im fairly sure i dont know anyone thats going to be there.



serious guys, im in a little bit of desperation for this schedule, cause it would mean i would just show up at random, and not know whats going on

No one? thanks…

Patience, man, Mondo isn’t for another month.

Like most weekend juggling festivals, the best day to go if you are only going one day is Saturday. The big day is always Saturday.

The schedule, found here: is

    *  Friday: 5:00pm - Midnight
    * Saturday, 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m.
      (Note: the Gym will be closed during the Spectacular, from 5 p.m. until the end of the show around 10 p.m.)
    * Sunday, 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. 

Make sure you register, and then you can come and go as you please. Also, you’ll need to buy tickets for the public show as well, and buy them early 'cause they tend to sell out.

An even more detailed schedule has finally been released.

Saturday is definitely the day to be there.
Come early. We’ll be kicked out of the gym at 5pm.
Public show is a few blocks away, ends before 10pm.
Then we play hockey til 2am.

Kay! Thanks guys! Its also not a month away, unless your a month back, Its next weekend right? Since its on April 11th or something. I’ll be there for open uni stuff i guess. I really just wanna get together with some people and ride a little and watch people and stuff. It’d be pretty cool.

Whos all coming then?

Oh yea, it’s april, isn’t it? Moab got me all screwed up.

yes… have faith in this community… they seem to nearly always come through with the information needed.

once again, anyone know whos comming? cause i wont know anybody there im sure

I went 2 years ago, and plan on going this year. as far as i know it’s pretty much just an “open gym”

does anybody know if metal pedals are allowed?

I havent read anything against it. If they arent allowed, im screwed over badly. I dont think i own a pair of metal pedals. I do mainly trials, so i only own metal pinned pedals… Im gonna check the sites for rules and regs, and see whats allowed and whats not. Ok, i’ll post back if i find anything thats against what i want to do

Metal pedals are definitely banned in the gym. You will get harassed/yelled at for showing up with your uni and metal pedals. Just plan on swapping them out for the weekend. The floors and riding surfaces inside are really nice and we do want to keep them that way.

Compulsion Cycles will be there with plastic pedals and pedal protectors (and free pedal wrenches). Either of which are approved for use. :sunglasses:

Ok, thanks, i’ll get to finding an old pair, i think i might have some freestyle pedals or something, just like plastic pedals made for mainly indoor use

This is gonna be fun! I found an old pair of plastic pedals, which should be pretty good. Theyre off my torker unistar giraffe. This thing is gonna be quite the awesomeness. My mom said she would just be sitting the whole time reading a book or something. I dont know… Hopefully my friend can go with! :smiley: :smiley: Hope to see some there on saturday!:smiley: