Monday: a *muddy* ride Tuesday: watching the KH New world disorder bit in Math class

Monday: went up corner canyon with my brother (he took my now unused MTB) and had one awesome, extremely muddy ride. At one point I’m fairly certain there was at least 5-7 pounds of thick, sticky mud on my unicycle-- there weren’t any knobbies with all the mud coating the tire!

Tuesday: So there we are, going over the assignment from last time, talking about compound interest and how that relates to logarithms, when my teacher, a novice unicyclist, (thanks to me) tells the class to gather round. To make a long story short, he got the Bit of Kris Holm from New World Disorder on his computer, and WE WATCHED IT IN CLASS!!! it was Awesome!

As no unicyclist understands what doing drops on a uni is like, there was a general murmur of, “that guy’s not going to have a family!” BUT, there was not one negative comment, and no one even brought up clowns!

ohhhhhh it was soo cool.

Probably next week I’ll bring my uni and go show off for the class
:smiley: :sunglasses:

I was inspired so much i went home and practiced gliding and doing figure eights one footed for about two hours right after school.

-still feeling yesterday’s awesome-ness,
Jon Davis

That sounds awsome! Have you got any videos of the gliding and one-footed figure 8’s?


Re: Monday: a muddy ride Tuesday: watching the KH New world disorder bit in Math class

NOW, that is amazing! Sounds like a kool teacher. I still have to bring in my unicycle for my computer programming class. It will be fun. I’m going to ride some CT snow today! That will be a blast.


What’s CT?

the teacher is extremely awesome, although I do not have him yet, as for the fact that I am only in algebra II this year and he is in pre-calculus. Although I was not there I can just imagine the thrill, in MATH class nontheless.
Today was actually sports day so me and Jon dressed up in our unicycle attire, boy it’s fun to have the football players guess non stop (David Johnson, for all y’all that know him [Jon]) he was like, scratching head like a monkey of course, “soccer?.. Mountain Climber?.. mountain dew man?.. (due to me having my mountain uni shirt on, reckless people can’t even read a whole shirt! bah!)” I highly reccommend it for all of you that enjoy a good laugh… I know I do
-Jonathan Ware-

Unfortunately, about the only picture or footage of my I have (Bagpiperboy has some stuff on his PDA) is my avatar. There are some good one foot WW pics, but Bagpiperboy will have to post those.

… I just found out he CAN"T post those, so maybe our friend with a digital video camera can help us out. I’ll post 'em eventually.