Monarch Crest Trail, Colorado

Has anybody any experience with this trail? I’ve been Googling for info on it and it sounds pretty awesome. Rated as one of the best mountain *ike epics in the country with options from 28-50 miles. ~1000-1500 feet of climb in the first 12 miles but in the remaining miles (routes vary) you drop 4500-5000 feet! From video and photos I’ve seen looks like some awesome single track. Probably not very technical, but I like to ride long XC so I’m going to head out there and do it in a couple weeks time. Looks like the thing to do is leave a car at Poncha Springs, CO and either hire a shuttle, or else get a ride to Monarch Pass (I guess one could ride all the way up!). I’ll post some photos and stuff when I get back.

Never done it but i’ve heard it is great. If you’re looking for company I’d be interested.

I am going there in two weeks, good timing!

:slight_smile: Send me a PM and lets see if we can coordinate the ride together, you to Osmundo. This is the year for me to ride it and yes, it will be EPIC:D To ride the whole loop would be a 24 hour epic, headlamps, etc, but very doable. :astonished: It will be soooo much fun to ride with you guys.