Momentum E Zine

Hello all
Just to let you know the first online issue of Momentum Bicycle Trials is out. We have interviews with Ben Plotkin-Swing and Joe Merrill in this first update. There will be a field report on the Nats comp in Flint MI, step by step trick analisis by some of the best and the Onza Trials uni review as well as more rider profiles and bio’s soon to come.

The site will eventually be arround 50/50 bike and uni trials and we are looking to get it in print and mail it out to anyone who wants to subscribe within a year.

If you are interested in writing something for the site or magizine let me know. Also we are allways in need of pictures of the riding scene arround the world.

Mike Carroll

This thread didnt seem to spark up much interest the first time arround so I’m hoping it will do better this time.

If you guys are interested in a Trials publication say something or at least check out the site. The only way for us to know if there is interest enogh for a full issue in print is you. Like I said Jeremy the Editor n chief wants to include arround 50/50 unicycle to bikes trials content, but if there doesnt seem to be a unicycle following we may decide to drastically cut this down. I hope that isnt the case though.

Mike Carroll

i don’t do trials myself but i love reading about anything even remotely uni-related
who knows, one day…

i’m going thru the site at the moment
since the aim is for 50/50 bike/uni, would u consider changing the name to “MOMENTUM - cycle trials magazine” ?

Ditto. Add a separate Unis section to the Reviews. Put some meat into the Rider Profiles; text with life experiences, how they got into the sport, etc. My daughter’s teacher has this on her blackboard for their writing assignments: Details, Details, Details. They’re what make something interesting and informative to read. (Think Mikefule).

Good luck. A pub that puts unicycling and bicycling on equal footing will be good for both sports.

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

so u’ll be submitting sometime soon?

As you said, I don’t do trials. When someone comes out with the Unicycling for Donuts eZine, I will gladly submit my profile with excruciating detail.

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

Good Pictures on thier site, great work guys. Makes me wish (again) that I could be there.

i totaly so tied of hearing the drunkin "wherez yer obber wheeeel " every time i go to the pub.