Moments with Rollo disks, or Koxx street cranks?

What do you think would be better, moments with rollo disks, or the K1 street cranks?

Moments with Rollo disks.

You can use different length cranks, there is a wider platform, and they don’t chew up your shoes / ankles.

i like the street cranks better than the moments. probably becouse they are slimmer lighter and dont have Q factor. im not real big on flat tricks though.

I was assuming that he was asking about flatland cranks because he’s comparing moments with rollos to the street cranks.

Maybe he isn’t though…

I think Moment with rollo discs :slight_smile:
because there is a wider platform, you can take the discs of it(for trial…if you don’t like it for trial).
And I think moment cranks are the best(for trial,street AND flat) :smiley:

Yeah I was talking about the 135mm K1 cranks

Well, I might be one of the biggest advocate (at least in the USA) on here for the K1 street cranks.

I have some drilled out Moments, Rollos in the mail, and soon to be getting a hub that they will fit correctly on. I will be sure to post how it goes, and what I think about the two comparatively.

I made my own!

The "Crank roller bearing! :smiley: Now you feet stay in one place, instead of rolling off the crank! And also if you ever need to switch bearings on your hub, you have backups right there lol! :sunglasses:

MuniAddict: How do those stay on?? :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha, I haven’t figured that out yet! But I’m sure there’s a way, like either a flat washer and a longer bolt, like the ones needed for the rollos, or a bearing with a bit smaller I.D. so the bolt would not fit through it. But I still think the idea could help sit would be like BC plates; your feet stay stationary as the wheel rolls. Just a thought that just might work! :smiley:

I haven’t tried the moments yet. However from what I can tell, the K1 cranks are wider all around, not just at the beginning were the rollo disks are. I love the K1 flatland cranks too, to be honest I don’t think I have any complaints or an urge to switch cranks.

The cranks are still gonna spin and knock your feet off.
As for flatland being able to push and pull the crank with your foot is important. You are not really just standing on the crank while it rolls you need to keep it rolling with your foot, or slow it down.

Terry, when/if you attach those I think your feet will just slip and slid around and you wont be able to stay on your cranks.

Both the moments and the street cranks have some Q, they are not straight.

not much though.

Do you think that one is stronger than the other?

they have almost the same amount.

they are both very very strong cranks, especially if you plan to be riding flat.

Have you tried any other cranks then Moments?
Because I find K1 light cranks better for trial then Moment cranks: much lighter and no qfactor.

Okay I have given some time on the moments with rollos, and I am ready to give a few words.

•FEEL… smooth while pedaling or rolling, clean for landing, round profile feel nice under foot.
•Good for flat.
•Nub is not overly aggressive.
•Length feels just about perfect for my riding.

•They are prone to bending.
•They only come in one length(there is a new 130 from K1, but I am not getting into that).
•Not “ture” ISIS

Moments with Rollos-
•Very very STABLE for crank rolls and standing one footed on the crank.
•The cranks come in many different sizes.
•Rollos come on and off for whatever type of riding.
•Will fit on either KH or Nimbus hubs.

•The rollos add a pretty aggressive nub.
•If you pedal/crank grab or grind with the rollos on, there could be issues with breaking.
•Moments are pretty heavy.

I think for a straight out of the box, all around best (for lighter riders) the K1 street cranks are the winners.

However, if you are the type of person that does not ride street, flat, trials all in one session, and are willing to tune your cranks to fit your ride, the Moments win hands down.

Street: Tie (do you like weight or strength)
Flat: Moments with rollos
Trials: Moments no rollos
All around without messing with tools: K1 Street cranks

It will take a bit of getting used to, to ride with rollos. They have caused a couple UPDs. The Street cranks feel nice right away. I have not noticed any less damage to my shoes with rollos than what I have gotten from the street cranks.

The biggest downfall of the moments for me, is if you ride a bigger length like 137s they start to get pretty heavy. Getting ejecting ridding fakie sucks, but only happens in the “getting used to” stage.