Moments vs. Venture

I was wondering how great the strengh and weight differences are between the Moment and the Nimbus Venture ISIS cranks. I think the the ventures are lighter and if they were only a little bit weaker I’d be willing to get them.

Has anyone switched from Moments to ventures and wants to give a review?

There is a HUGE difference in weight! I went from moments 150 to venture 127 and there feels like its a good lb. different. I would say if you are under 100 lbs, they are good for everything. Over 200, stick to moments. In between, probably venture OK except for trials. I am no expert on strength but for ME they seem perfect for anything. I dont think they are as strong as the lead weighted moments but should be fine for most riding.

Depends what your going to use them for…

Don’t you think that a big reason you dropped so much weight is the reduction in size?:stuck_out_tongue:

Yea, I was thinking that too. What is the weight difference between the moments and the ventures for 125’s

And about the strength. I just want to know whether they’re going to bend or not. Ill guess I’ll have to wait and see about that tho.

No, there is a HUGE difference in weight! Not just do to size. Its comparing plastic to solid metal. Its like comparing a carbon fiber bike to a solid DH bike. There is no doubt on weight difference. But like I mentioned, depending upon what you want them for and your weight, would determine if those are strong enough for you. For me they are plenty strong! For a 200 lb guy doing trials, I think not.

Darn that’s me.

Not quite me, but I’m still not gonna get these cranks. KH Moments for me. I bent 3 pairs of cranks before I realized just how much of an investment a pair of Moments would be.