moments in grace-street vid.

hey guys.

short and sweet, great job man

sick full varial flip forrest

i enjoyed the vid!



Wow, nice full varial flip, good job.
Awesome vid.

Sick full varial flip dude. Best thing in the vid.

thanks guys.:slight_smile:

sick , nice full varial flip!

dude that was freakin crazy good! nice grinds and varial flip

Very nice Forrest, you seem to be improving all the time.

Nice full varial flip

pretty sweet

That was a great video!

Good job on the Full Varial Flip

Nice flip off the rail.

really nice video, I’ve gotten so sloppy with my treyflips, ever since I got back on from my arm injury.

Thanks Luke. I wanted to in 2in trey off the rail like you did, but I’m not quite there yet.

The flip off the rail was my favorite part.

You are so good!!! Great video the full variel flip was awsome.