Moment trouble!!

So today, I was just trying to give my MUni a little clean up. I removed the pedals but then the insert on the moments also come out with it. :astonished: Can anyone tell me how to fix this? or should I use the warranty? :thinking: or should I go to a bike shop and get it repaired?

The first two pics are how they SHOULD look
the next two are what came out…

from the look of it, you just need to screw it back in and tighten it down. You’d need one of those tools you used to take cranks off way back when : P they go in those holes and you just turn it like any other tool. . . well. . . I guess you’d need two of them in this case. Your local bike co-op should have them, or you could just send them back O:-)

“pin spanners” that’s what they’re called.

would it be easier (and cheaper) to let the bike shop do it? or would it be a better investment to buy the tools and do it myself incase this happens again?

I would get the tool and do it yourself. Than you are ready for the next time this happens. Why pay someone else a ton of money to do something that you can do for really cheap? Thats the way I look at it.

I think I have also heard of people using a peice of wood with a nail through it for this job too… Not positive though.

one time it happened to me, as i was unscrewing a pedal i could see the insert spinning. so i just tightened the pedal as hard as a possibly could (more than i normally do) which tightened the insert. i may have just been lucky, but after that the pedal came out without the insert spinning, and again back in with no prob and still rides fine.

theyre made for that.

I did it and I dont have problemes with my cranks inserts anymore.

Put your insert back in it, throw some superglue(DO NOT PUT GLUE ON THE PEDALS) and let it dry a few minutes, then you can put the “Insert bolt” back on it and it should be okay.
Here’s the tool you can built…

how could I not have thought of this??? :smiley:
hopefully I can fix it and then go and ride today!!!
Thanks guys

so just super glue the whole insert in? the super glue goes on the TREAD of the insert right? I just don’t want to put the glue then see that I glued it wrong…

yep, on the insert thread. I suggest to put the insert and then put the glue, because it might dry really fast and maybe you wont be able to get the insert all the way through the crank.

EDIT: I was looking at your picture and thought, my insert didn’t came all the way out. I couldn’t even get them out :thinking:

Is the ring neccessary if I super glue the insert in?


god please don’t use superglue on your cranks :’( that makes me cringe, it’s like fixing your radiator with duct tape

locktite if anything you should be able to get this at your local hardware store.

What if you don’t get the threads in fast enough and the glue dries? You’ll have to use acetone to clean the threads again.

to answer your question, if you get it in with superglue, yes, it’ll probably hold for a while without the ring, but I would put it on there anyway.

He is absolutely on with this. Just get the right stuff for the job, its easy to find and it actually works the way you intend it to.

The green stuff is supposed to be used after assembly. You want the red (271) stuff since this is never supposed to loosen.

yea, sorry, you’re right. I tend to be weary of the “this will never come off EVER” type stuff, so I instinctively went for anything but the red : P but yea, since you really don’t want that to come off, red’s probably best.