Moment cranks: is there a tool to tighten these washers?

On my Moments, a washer threads into each crank. Each washer threads into the side of the crank that is closest to the wheel, and they fit around the threaded part of each pedal. Hopefully I’m being clear enough for someone to know what I’m talking about. I’d post pictures, but I don’t have a camera right now.

I’m not entirely sure what these washers are for, but I suppose they should stay put. They keep coming loose, though. When I hop, they make a metallic “clink” sound, and I despise noises.

My question is, how do I keep them tight and noiseless? Each washer has three little holes in its surface, so I’ve just been using a spare screw to wind them into the cranks. This doesn’t keep them tight for very long, though.

there called crank/pedal inserts its a common problem with moments theres alot of threads about it on here,personally i take them off and locktight them in,i untighten them with a pair of long nose pliers or you can use old spokes you have lying around.:slight_smile:

My non definitive answer

People have been writing about how their pedal inserts unwind a bit when they remove the pedal. My 07 KH did the same. I just greased the pedal and turned it in real hard, so it doesn’t move even with me jumping on it. As you seem to be wise to the idea that pedal movement is bad, I won’t repeat that part.

It seems that the KH Moment has a setup where you are tightening the steel pedal insert against a threaded inner steel ring set in the alum crank, using your pedal that is threaded into the" outer steel pedal insert ".

Just guessing here, my inner steel “stops” seemed in an OK place. I just put in new pedals and tightened them up really hard with the old 15 mm, then didn’t look back. It’s been fine a year or so. My inserts back out slightly when I remove a pedal.

However, if you think your inner “stops” are not threaded into where they should be, take off the cranks, put them in a vice, and try messing with the inner stop ring by using a taper punch, or some Mc Gyver thing to turn the ring to where you thing it should be. You should be able to turn your pedals into moment cranks with a 15 mm, to where it bottoms out solid and is as solid as your pedal.