Moment Crank Insert Issue

Hey everyone, I searched for threads dealing with a similar issue and found two, however neither really had a conclusive solution. Just recently when installing a new set of pedals into my ISIS KH trials cranks I noticed that the insert which the pedals thread into has begun spinning. It makes truly tightening the pedals impossible and removing them equally as difficult. I haven’t been able to ride because I’m concerned that it will ruin the threads in the crank. What should I do?

Didnt Kris comment on this issue once?

I remember most people just taking the little two-pronged tool and just tightening that insert back up and were good. Bikers have a lot of troubles with inserts as well, but it seems for their cranks, the insert is under a warranty, im not sure if KH has a warranty on inserts though, but they are supposed to be glued and locked into place.

Anyways, if the threads are still in good shape, id just take the insert out, grab some epoxy/loctite 262, put some of that in there, and re-thread the insert in, and get it in tight. Leave it for a day, and it should be good and set after that.

If they are damaged though, dont do anything yourself until you know about any warranty, cause gluing the insert back in my void the warranty.

Alright, sounds good. Thanks Jerrick. Hopefully my lbs doesn’t charge me to use that tool.

I think it’s better to leave it alone

It’s a bit like using one nut to lock another. Sure, the insert backs out a bit when you remove the pedal. Grease the new pedal. When you turn it in tight, the insert will tighten up again.

I would try it that way, no extra work involved. The insert will be tight when the pedal is.

I am assuming you don’t change pedals often. If you do, wear on the insert’s outer threads may be a factor.

I think that the insert on my 07 KH 20 moved a tiny bit the last time I changed pedals. I tightened the pedal good, and everything’s been fine for a few months.

Sometimes the best maintainance is to leave things alone. Trying to fix that tiny rotation of the insert when you change pedals, is making more work then it will solve IMHO. The outer thread of the insert is tight against crank when the pedal is tightened. There should be no play or wear when riding.:slight_smile:

My insert just came out when I was unscrewing the pedal. The threads are alright.

I’m gonna grease up the insert to be able to get the pedal out, then screw it in with loctite, wait for it to dry and then take out the pedal.

Just before the trip, damn.

Yea mine came loose, I have lock-tighted them in now. I havnt had any problems since and I have changed my pedals alot now.

Its almost worth doint it as soon as you get your cranks because i think its almost garenteed to happen sooner or later.

The hardest bit is tightening or undoing the locking ring in the back. If you can do that you shouldnt have a problem.

Actually, I’ve just inspected the threads more carefully and all of them are fine, except for the ones on the insert that go into the locking ring. That’s stripped. How important is the locking ring?

It seems I’ll have to do without it, at least for a while.

I’m going to revive this just in case someone has this problem in the future and comes upon this thread. I spoke directly to Kris about the problem and this is what he said to me:

I have been noticing about a 1/3 revolution in mine when installing and loosening pedals also. Mine hasn’t backed all the way out yet, but it always tightens back in when installing the pedals. You need to make sure you ride your Uni a bit after installing the pedals, if you know your inserts are loose. I can get another 1/4 turn on mine after riding it down the drive way, then they settle into place.

Anybody know of a Park Tool that fits the insert ? It is a bit larger than the one for the crank extractor bolt.

Spanner Wrench

The tool you’ll need is called a spanner wrench. It’s always nice to have some loctite put in the insert too if you’re willing to loosen the insert and take it all the way off. A local bikeshop will have a spanner wrench and most likely won’t charge a cent to tighten it…at least if they’re nice guys :slight_smile:

whatever you do, do not do this, this is a good way to ruin your cranks, to fix mine, i got the pedal, really reefed on it as good as i could tightening it into the cranks, then i got the tool and tightened it as good as i could, the inserts should not be able to come out of the cranks all the way, mine unscrewed about 3/4 turn before they hit some kind of lock and would not move any farther. (pedals were in at this point)

well the locking ring is what keeps the insert in the crank when you unscrew the pedal, if you can find some other way to do that, i’m sure it will be fine, or if you just never ever loosen your pedals or ride backwards longish distances it isn’t really a problem. I would email kris in this situation. I’m sure he will do something to resolve your issue

this is a good thread to keep handy. I talked to udc when I had this problem and they said about the same thing.

I searched and revived this thread about Moment Cranks Inserts.

Last fall, my KH24 left pedal was stuck (at one point in my ignorant past, I probably thought that pedals had to be really tight). In fact, the insert was spinning a bit instead as I tried to loosen the pedal.

The guys at my LBS worked for a couple minutes (no charge!), one of them holding the spanner, and one yarding on the pedal wrench, and they finally got the pedal off. I took off those 150mm cranks and replaced them with 125/150 cranks for our Panama trip.

Then, recently, I shuffled around all my Moment cranks and put the old 150s back onto my KH24.


During a several mile muni ride yesterday, I noticed that now the insert is very loose, literally jiggling. Since the left is reverse threaded, the insert spun in toward the wheel, and by the end of the ride, 2 or 3 mm of the insert was visible in the INSIDE of the crank. I’m pretty sure this means the crank insert is FUBAR.

Anyone with answer/advice/similar situation?

No idea, but if it can not be fixed in a proper way I would resort to jb weld.

Not with Moments. I had the same problem with a set of SNAFU bmx cranks, the left insert was loose in the crank arm, and I had no joy with SNAFU customer service. I removed the insert, put some chemical metal in the crank arm with the insert, and clamped it in a vice over night. That worked a treat.

I’ve had my new Moment cranks for about one and a half months now, with maybe twice a week usage. Both rings that go on the other side of the insert have fallen out. I’ve still got one, but I can’t tighten it without using special tools and taking off the crank. I’ve not tried taking off my pedals yet.

Since this thread has popped up again I’ll just throw in an update from my experience. I never got the tool to tighten the inserts and I never used any binding chemicals and my cranks are fine. I’ve swapped my pedals several times and the inserts still do spin a half turn or so but once I get the pedals all tightened up everything stays in place properly.


My Moment cranks insert are loose… again… last time I used a spoke to tight them up, but now it doesn’t work, I want to take off my pedal to put it on my new Tensiles cranks but I can’t because the insert is loose. So, is there any other way to tight them without using the Spanner rench? Right now I got one pedal off, I just need to tight the left insert and take my pedal off.

Bumpity bump…

Anyone?! I really need to take my pedal off…