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>Any suggestions? I have put in 15 or so hours since I started and my learning
>curve has been slow with
>occasional jump like when I managed to let go of the wall and when I managed to
>go a good bit down the road while holding hands with another unicycler. But I
>am on a slump now.




Keep it up!!

I recommend staring at a destination in the distance, preferrably one which is
at eye-level or higher. Anchor your nind on this point and then let your brain
turn your legs as you concentrate on progessing toward this point. (rather
than upon simply increasing the number of revolutions achieved before you
fall) You might not reach it right away, but you’ll probably ride further with
each attempt!!

Under normal conditions, learner riders tend to look downward towards their feet
or the pavement. It is therefore natural for the body to go where the eyes point
it … down! So, as they say “Keep your Chin Up and Stay on Top!!”

Steve Dressler - Trainer

The Unicycling Society of Hong Kong The Filipino Unicycling Network


"Set Your Goals Higher"

>O.K. a change in topic. Some of you have already heard from me about my
> painfully slow progress to tame this monster. But remember, I am a
> middle-aged person, totally un-athletic, and my reflexes are a bit slow.
> Anyway, I have finally managed to let go of the wall and can fall somewhat
> gracefully. Those backward-land-on-your-butt-twist-your-ankle falls are
> becoming less common. BUT…I can only pedal two revolutions before
>sharply to the left and then falling. I warm up every day on a stationary bike
>and sometimes get my children to go along beside me holding my hand. But when I
>try to take off alone I still plop down after only a few feet. Occasionally I
>go six or so revolutions before falling. I usually fall off the front of the
>uni. I have tried leaning further forward, have tried pedaling faster, have
>tried turning my torso to the right at the start. But still I almost always
>turn swiftly to the left. >