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Ok, I’ve fixed up my logo some. I totally redone the seat, as the first one was ugly. I’m starting to get the hang of Macromedia Freehand and I’m learning more of it’s features. I just to make a school web page for it, and draw up a sample buiness card with the logo on it.
<a href=“”> Here’s the link. </a>cheers, Joe (learning web design) in Iowa


Hey, Mojoe, I have a question…

Beneath the saddle of your Coker, … that looks like a cycle-computer… but how do you see it way under there when you’re riding? Do you only use it to log distance and averages, and so only look at it after a ride?

Are those the stock cranks?

Another question for Coker owners: Is the seat-post clamp a cam-action quick-release, or one of those retro “twist-until-you-can’t-twist-no-more” clamps?

Yes, that’s a Cateye Mity 3 computer. I’ve learned (the hard way) to only look at it while stopped. a few days after I put it on, I decided to see what time time it was by looking at the clock on the computer. I leaned waaaay forward to see and lost my balance, and couldn’t catch the wheel up. I hit the ground rolling. I never did catch the time, but on the way down, I saw my speed 9.5 mph. This has been my only UPD from the Coker in over 100 miles.
Yes, those ate the stock cranks. I really don’t like them, as they have a pretty wide “Q” factor. The Bicycle Euro cranks that came on my muni are more narrow. I would put some 125mm cranks on, but I’m waiting untill I get a brake on it first.
The quick-release is a cam-action one too. So far, the only time the seat slipped was when I had my crash. Th
The Coker is great!! I’m going to upgrade to the new aluminum rim when I get tired of the one I have. Joe in Iowa