Mojoe's garage sale...eBay outing

I’m selling off more stuff on ebay. Just trying to make more room in my one stall garage and get rid of some stuff I never use.

check out the following ebay links and bid.

thanks… Mojoe

Torker unicycle hub 36 hole used

Miyata unicycle seat cover red

Yuni trials unicycle

20 inch freestyle unicycle custom GB4 frame

custom GB4 29er unicycle muni

I’m confused by your description of the GB 29er. You say you put a big 26 inch tire on it. Usually a 29er uses a 700 size rim. What size rim and tire do you have on this beast?


Check your PMs Mojoe

Hey Mojoe, a few questions about the 29er. Like beelzebub of balance, I am also confused about the 26 inch tire thing, did you just make a mistake and say 26 when you ment 29? Another question about the tire, how worn is it? I know you can see it in the pictures, but I am not familiar with the Nano Raptor tire, so I can’t tell. I am also curious why it dosnt come with the seat, clamp, or post.

question about the Yuni trials… does it have splined hub and cranks, and if not, how much have you done on it… meaning, what kind of abuse has it taken without breaking. thanks :smiley:

edit: i jst realized that it has the UDC hub, so i know it isnt splined. so what kind of abuse has it taken? Height of drops and other stuff would be nice. Thanks again.


Sorry for the confussion. It has a 29er wheel on it, but I was using the frame for my large marge wheel last year, before I had a frame that would fit it.


Truth is, I never had enough seats, posts and clamps to keep all my uni’s runnign at once.

the tire isn’t worn much at all.


I haven’t taken it off of any drops at all. I used it for some driveway freestyle riding and that’s it. The pedals might be bent a little because I used to have them on my old freestyle wheel that I used to thrash on. The tire looks like new. The frame has some rust spots and the tire is closer to one side of the frame than the other. The frame has been like that since I bought it.