heres a moive of yesterdays rideing at andy cotters farm.

That was sweet! How high was that hop onto the spool?

nice video dude

2 feet 7 inches

Thats pretty wicked!

Nice, you are really good:)

dangit jonny wheres our video?:)jk this ones d-loading now

that was fricken sweet!

nice video. that hop onto that spool was sweet

nicely done


Great movie, Jon. Did I hear correctly that you just started riding last August?

For those not from TCUC, the little toddler who threw the helmet on the ground belongs to me. I have given him till he’s three to learn to ride a unicyle or find a new family. :smiley:

yea i just started last augsts.

Man…i stared last August too and im nowhere near that good yet…Must practice more!

i love fm static and nice vid

dude that was a very good video from a very good rider with very good music. very good over all!

Hey Jon,
Great little video. I liked how you edited it! I saw that spool jump in person and it was kick ass. You even did it a couple different times. You are going to Nationals, right?!