Modivation Thread

i thought it would be a good idea to have a thread that can make people modivated to go out and ride. so basically just talk about how you get motivated to ride and share anything that can motivate others. I think this is good especially for people who don’t have many people to ride with, so this would be a good thread to go to, to go out and ride. Not sure how successful this thread will be, but we’ll see :smiley:

I watch videos of people at my skill level and extremely good riders to get motivated.:smiley:

Watch videos of people who are slightly better than you.

I like the idea of this thread. I’m currently suffering from a mild case of unicycle ennui, brought on by a complete lack of people to ride with. It’s so very lonely. This thread won’t give me people to ride with, but at least motivation will be discussed.

Yes, this worked really well for me

Lol, no ones better than you any more?

My motivation is pretty simple, I get bored and restless easily so I seek out activities to keep me interested, occupied and are fun. I dont have TV now really so nothing to do at home. Unicycling is fun and keeps me busy! I am motivated to learn new things because I want to muni on the trails here and jumped over logs and stuff. Just should be a lot more fun then riding in parking lots. I’m not into being competitive because I found that really lame, I do it just to have fun.

You spelt motivation wrong silly.

yeah, you just said :roll_eyes:

The thing that motivates me is tackling an area of trail that I haven’t succeeded yet. When steep uphill sections of trail with rocks and roots prevent me from riding through, I have a challenge. I like to see the improvement over the weeks. Yesterday was my best yet. Today’s challenge is riding the KH29 with 125 cranks. When I change crank size it’s like starting over again.

listening to videos of people just a bit better than me works really well, but now I just have to talk to other unicyclists because my computer is so slow, it takes like 1 minutes to load a 20 seconds video. Listening to music is good too, I always bring my iPod or my MP3 when I go ride.

and… who is that? :thinking:
The best way to get motivated for me, is also look at video’s of people who are a bit better than me.
Or video’s like joe hodges, Max,fabian(for trials) and Christian Huriwai, Dan Cowling,…(for street)
because than you see really new thinks… . not just some new flips or hops, but new ways to do thinks… and than you go out and see a lot of think in a hole other vision :stuck_out_tongue:

  • meetings are also pretty fun: you start to know new people, learn new thinks… :slight_smile:
    (hope you guys understand me:p)

How do you guys get yourself motivated to land something that’s really hard to commit too?

Haha, this is a good question, I can’t really answer, but I would like to see what is gonna be the answer. Maybe it’s going to help me :p.

well ill answer this one ( i just just got the courage to do a crankflip :smiley: )

i just had to get pumped, i drank a redrave ( energy drink ) listened to some music, and just went for it :smiley:

and i also watched a ton of vids, and just told myself i could do it,

Definately watch videos.I watch videos all day long of bike and uni trials lol