Modified shadow handle - bar ends

I have a cut-down Nimbus shadow handle (straight front section short as possible without interfering with legs and rear section not used).
The supplied bar ends seemed a bit useless as they project backwards a bit (so get in the way of legs) and easily come off in a UPD.
So, I replaced them with bicycle bar ends, which were slightly modified with a hacksaw so that the inwardly curved ends did not interfere (that is, so they can be aligned at the same height, symmetrically, instead of one bar end being a bit higher than the other).

I imagine lots of you have done the same and have wrapped the bar ends in tape (so they don’t feel as cold or hard, and the bar ends (and rider) are slightly less to get damaged in a UPD.

OK so here is a simple question: what is the best tape?

(There are various rubber strappings without adhesive, and very stretchy thin things which magically self-adhere, and good old gaffer tape, but I would have thought there must be something better).

And a second question: has anyone successfully modified the T bar end in some way so that the handle part can be a continuous loop (rather than 2 separate bar ends which are very close to each other and also form a sharp edge where they connect to the T bar)?

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Depending on the diameter of the bar ends / if they are close to 22,2mm as you can just use regular bike handles - or else I suggest to wrap them in hockey tape. Its quite cheap and sturdy.

For a full loop at the front there is (expensive :frowning:) add-ons like this (note you will need a shim from 22,2mm → 31,8mm). Would love to try something similar but cheaper.

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I agree, it provides a good grip also.


Thanks. Yes, the full loop from looks interesting, pity about the price and the need to shim. It’s dimensions look just about right (apart from the 31.8mm).
So I guess I’ll just look around for some hockey tape and use my existing setup.