Modified KH fusion freeride saddle

Pressure on the entire anal-genital region is the enemy! :angry:

I have done this mod to 4 or 5 seats and it makes a big difference,
but my experience has shown me that the groove should be twice as wide as you’ve shown AND as deep as possible. Measure your “sit bones” first (no video tutorial) to give you an idea how wide you can go.

An electric carving knife is a good tool for the vertical cuts, then you can use serrated long bread knife for the horizontal cuts and then rasp, and then file.

I see that Bungee Joe can go 52 miles without a dismount – maybe he will share his wisdom…

Anything I would share will be total thread jack. I’ve only used KH stock saddles for the last eight or ten years and the most minimal or no padding cycle short I can find.

I don’t worry about how the saddle feels at the start of the ride. I worry about how it will feel after 8 hours, what will the saddle be doing to me in the second half of the day. Will I have any skin left when I ride tomorrow and have I done any nerve damage?

Joe Myers

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Have you tried a flat seat?

I really can’t talk about long distance rides (haven’t done nearly any riding in the past three years), but the last thing i did to all my (M)unis was to flatten the saddle base (search for ghetto flat seat).
And i bought a Fusion Zero for my 36" (KH has released a Fusion One in the meantime too)



I didn’t yet, this was an attempt to make a relatively easy mod to improve the freeride without modifying the base.
If I finish by not liking this saddle enough with this mod I’ll rather buy a kh One.