modified grind plates for jim c's

i recently upgraded my snafus to some awesome new jim c’s. i used a danscomp grindplate on my snafus but knew it wouldnt fit my jim c’s, but thats was ok because jim c’s were designed with grinding in mind. after a few ledges etc i was finding that the grinds on my new pedals were nowhere near as smooth as with the plate, so i decided to try and modify it to fit.

i simply cut each of the two skinny bits of plastic in half to fit length-ways either side of the axle. the whole thing only took me like 10 minutes.

i havent tested them yet but i am hoping that they will be strong enough to withstand pedal grabs, rails and the like.

Pics here:

Has anyone else done this?



Hey Max, I never thought of that, looks kool. As long as you can’t move it with your hand it should be strong enough. I still think plastics are better :stuck_out_tongue:

…so all you have to do is remove the pins from one side of the pedal and you’re good to go. That’s what I did to my Jimmy C’s and they’ve ground plenty fine as-is. I don’t see why this pedal should be fitted with a grind plate… just put a little wax on your rail / ledge and you’re good to slide!

i agree that grinding on the pedal is fine, but it is much smother on a grind plate. it also balances the pedal so that i land on the pins almost every time.

oh damn, lol, i was hopin that i coulda bought them off ya :frowning: lol oh well, Goldcross Cycles, is searching for a Gusset Pedals supplier so they can get the grind pedal for me :), or otherwise i will just get the Jimmy C blue pedal and take the pins out

Cool, we dicussed doing something like that in this thread but I think you are the first to actually do it.

So how have they held up? Does that make it weaker, how does it work with LOTS of pedal grabs?

Yea I did the exact same thing to my Jimmy Cs about 6 months ago. They worked great until all of the teflon (yes, teflon) ground down and the countersinks went away. After that the bolts got to the surface and would bite into the concrete, which didn’t let me slide as far.

so far mine have been holding up great. i usually take them off if i am not grinding because they make pedal-grabbing harder.



I had that experience too. The first time I made them, I made the plate too thick, so it was really heavy. Somehow, the extra weight cause a really fierce rotation on the pedal and it spun the retaining nut off the axle which caused the bearings to fall out. That was fun.