Modified Bike shorts prevent "riding" up leg

Lately I’ve switched to wearing separate spandex bike shorts with loose-fit shorts over them. It’s a good combination, but the spandex leg area was always riding up my legs, and I would constantly have to keep pulling them back down. It was getting inconvenient and annoying and the silicone “grippers” lining the inside bottom of the shorts were not effective.

So I decided to sew some velcro strips (two on each side) onto the spandex at the bottom of each leg opening, and then I simply attached each end to the corresponding and existing velcro at the top of my 661 knee/shin guards. Then the 661 top straps go over the attached leg straps. Problem solved and way more comfortable. Now they stay put!

If anyone would like to see pics let me know. :slight_smile:

I’m interested! I seem to have to modify everything I wear lol. I already know the seat will be an issue as even my mountain bike is giving me bum probs lol.

Here yee go! :smiley:



awesome, so the straps go down?

Gosh just got my 661s. The 661 strap logo one takes up the entire velcro so guess I need to do trimming and it will be 61 guards for me lol. :stuck_out_tongue:

You either need bigger legs or better fitting shorts.

Nope. They ALL tend to move up the legs. Most spandex bike shorts come with a bead of silicone on the inside of each leg opening; this is specifically there to help keep them from riding up, but in most cases they still do. So my idea keeps them in place 100%. Easy and effective fix. They are for 28"-30" waist and fit me fine, lol. My legs are also pretty muscular thank you haha.

Hmm that’s a really good idea. I don’t wear spandex bike shorts, but that would be interesting to do to outer shorts…

That’s a good idea.
I’ve never had problems with that though, lol, I wear really tight pants.

Nice idea, I’ve done some velcroe mods on things from time to time, great stuff. I find cheap shorts ride up, good/expensive don’t. Especially when you have HUGE quads like me!:smiley:

I must confess that part of the reason they started to ride up (they were before but not as much) is because I purposely stretched them out at the leg opening becuase they were too tight. I thought that if they were looser that they wouldn’t ride up as much. I was wrong lol! :o But I was finding that no matter how tight fitting they are on your legs, when your legs continuously flex while pedaling, they WILL move up your leg, at least somewhat, and when you straighten your legs out, they don’t go back to their former position. It was just bugging me so I decided to try this idea. :slight_smile:

Better fitting and better quality knicks don’t do ride up, not in my experience anyway. Only time that happens is when I use an old pair of knicks that have no life left in them. Good knicks aren’t cheap but are well worth it.

So guys, are the shorts to help pad your cheeks or to help keep your friends in lol? :p:D :roll_eyes:

How much do the padded shorts really help? I’m guessing lots, but I’ve never tried them because I figure they’d just trap the sweat really bad. I tend to sweat quite a bit if I’m riding hard. Also, do they help with the rubbing on the inside of the thighs?

I agree with Blue - those shorts look too loose for you. Bike shorts need to be tight-fitting. I’ve never had very expensive shorts (I’m using DHB Earnleys at the moment - not sure if they exist in the US, but they’re not top-of-the-range ones by any means) and not had trouble with them riding up, on bikes or unicycles. Perhaps it’s worse if you wear baggy shorts on top of them.


The shorts are designed to “WICK” away the sweat and actually stay much drier than cotton. I also use compression shorts/underwear (like football palyers wear)for the same reason. They eliminate chafing as well.

Some believe that holding the muscles tight(compressed) helps performance too. I usually spend $80 to $100 on a pair of bike shorts at team discount. No substitute for quality.

I wear a pair of no-name £20 shorts from my LBS.
After some serious chaffing after my first long distance ride a few years ago, I don’t even think about riding without them now.
I wear them under baggy shorts.
They’re meant to cling tightly to your thighs so the material rubs against your saddle rather than your skin.
That’s why they need to be reasonably snug.

ahh man thats a cool scar :smiley: how did you get it?

I think I’ll get a pair of bike shorts because I get chaffing sometimes on longer rides.

Haha, if you mean the scar in the pic on page one, it’s from MUni for sure! :sunglasses: