Moderators for sports file

Internet Resources Guide Moderators wanted for portraying sports related
Internet sites.

We want to strengthen the subject file categorie of our Internet Resources
Database with some more sports files and are looking for moderators, who are
willing to help along one of the two lines described below:

  1. Assistant Moderator:

You know a great number of relevant Internet sites concerning your field of
interest and you want to share them with other Internet users.

You therefore submit your site informations on a regular basis to the IRD team
for building the subject topics files on them.

You are willing to submit your E-mail address together with the site
informations, so that users can contact you directly for questions concerning
your informations.

  1. Moderator:

You are responsible for a whole IRD subject file along the lines of your
personal interests. You therefore coordinate all inputs your subject gets from
IRD users or assisitant moderators to prepare updated files along a regular
time schedule.

If you are interested in helping to build the Internet Resources Database
files,which are free for downloading to all Internet citizens, please follow
these steps:

a) Visit our homepage and read the IRD info files and Moderator info files.

If you cannot connect the WWW please use our E-mail responders ( no subject or
text required): E-mail to for the IRD
info file and E-mail to for the
moderator info.

b) Download the IRD users software from one of the following sites to get a
touch and feel for the thing. Use or via FTP

You can download the database files there as well.

c) You can stop here and use the submit function of the software for giving site
informations to the project.

If you want to follow the moderators job, please give us your details by E-mail.

According to your details we will retrieve all sites related to your interests
out of the existing IRD database and set it up as your subject file. You can
then beginn to add and revise entries using the special IRD moderators software,
which we will make available to you as well.

E-mail me if you have further quetions.

Hope to see you soon in the IRD team