Mobile Unicycle Rack

I wanted to share with all of you the solution that I came up with to a problem that we had during club practices.

The problem was that we often had unicycles lying about everywhere creating a hazard for uni and unicyclists and passerbys as well. The solution was really quite simple and an attetnion getter for the club.

I simply hang the unis off the side on my truck using a piece of “L” aluminum that has been hose-clamped to the rack. Of course the challenge is to rememebr that you have unicycle just hanging off your vehicle before you head back to the ranch.

It works for us. The aluminum was only about $7.50 at Home Depot and teh hose clams were less that $1 each. Is this soon to be a Yakima accessory for $165? Perhaps not.


I just slid my two bike trays close enough together so i can put one side of the rim on each tray, and secure it with the normal bike tire rear straps. Much more out of the way, and attractive. However, your way would work in a pinch as well.

If I’m carrying 2 bikes as well, (the forks lock to the front) the wheel fits under one bike (with the pedal of the uni velcro-strapped to the bike tray - to keep it off the roof) and the seat just rests on the other side (in between fork and crank - so no need to secure it)

Great thought, Tommy. I know we have a mess of uni’s laying all over the place during our practices outside. We have enough designated grass area though to lay them so they’re out of the way. Just don’t let anyone hang a Savage saddle topped uni against the side of your truck.


Yes. The Yakima bike tray was what inspired this low-budget “rack.” I didn’t want to invest in a high dollar tray so I went the Home Depot route. I, obviously, don’t drive with these hanging off the truck so I found that the straps, in my case, aren’t really necessary.

When we have practice the truck is COVERED with unicycles - on both sides. Such fun! With this rig there is no doubt when the unicycle club is having practice at Overton Park!


I’ve yet to scratch the MUC Truck but I’m very careful too.

Talk about rolling off the tongue…

I love the name, “The MUC Truck”.

Ah yes, my rack is good for maybe 3 unis tops. Good group thing!