Mobile phones, wives and Cokers

I have been riding my 36" on a service road next to the freeway lately as my normal forest tracks are more than muddy. The service road is not very busy but it doesn’t have any posts, sticks or trees to grab onto to help mounting. I can do freemounts but the tider I get, the harder they get.

I went further than I had planned and had a testicle break at about 25 ks and really had trouble getting back on. Now you single blokes will not understand this, but my lovely wife worries about me if I am late. So just after just getting on at the 25 k mark the phone rings in my Camel Pak. I know who it is!

What do I do? Get off and maybe walk the remaining 4 ks, ignore it and let her spin out at home thinking I have broken three legs.

Some creative thinking here…so I managed to take the Camel Pak off still riding (no face plant), undo the zipper (still no face plant), take phone out, take 1 glove off and calmly ring home (and still no face plant).

Driving and using a phone is illegal, I don’t know about unicycling;)

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That had to hurt!

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Was it like squishing a grape? I cringed when I read that. I certainly wouldn’t get back on after something like that. :astonished:

worries about laws, call an ambulance

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I cringed when I read his entry…I cringed more when I read “like squishing a grape.” :astonished:

Sorry guys, you read my Australian colloquialism the wrong way.

A beak means a rest, so a testicle break means getting off the uni and giving them a rest by walking around. After about 10 kilometers they get pretty squished. So I didn’t actually break one! Jeez I wince at that too.

Also I can spell tireder, not tider. I was too tired because I was tyred so to speak.

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I’ve done that…'tis a creepy feeling when you are riding with your hands full and a cd in your mouth

I often talk on my cell when on my uni or my giraffe.
Done the CD changing thing too…

I think that hardest is taking off a backpack, taking off the sweater with the backpackin your mouth, and then putting the sweater in the backpack.

When I was training hard on the Coker, I used to ride so far, then remove my full face helmet and Camelbak, slip off my sweater, replace my helmet, then put my sweater in my Camelbak and put my Camelbak on, all whilst riding singletrack fairly briskly.

Do I win £5?

It’s easy enough as long as you do everything steadily, and you can ride on the feedback you get through the pedals.

I’ve never had a testicle break though. Oooh.

I held a pizza-box and a brown plastic bag containing 2 litres of milk ni my right hand, and my cellphone in my left, talking to my girlfriend… And i rode down a 14 set of stairs, none handed! Ok ok… It was not that high stairs… And my girlfriend wasn’t to happy about me risking our dinner like that, but she’s kind of used to it :wink:

The best place to get reception is on top of a giraffe.

We do a few parades here in MN, and while most are at night or weekends, we occasionally have a parade during my working hours. My favorite giraffe + cell phone story occured during one of these parades. I once spent almost the whole parade troubleshooting a computer problem while talking on my cell phone, riding my 8’ unicycle. I didn’t bother telling the person on the other end of the phone what I was doing until the end of the conversation!


Constance’s post brings up an interesting point.

I wonder how many of us – during a hard ride or, less frequently, a parade – ignore the phone when it is a spouse, significant other, family member calling, but answer it for work or business?

Maybe we need a poll.

Well I thought I was pretty clever. You all win $5.00.

I am going to try eating a yogurt with a plastic spoon next, whilst I am taking off my Camel Pak, sweater and talking on the phone and playing a didgeredoo.:slight_smile:

If you ride long distance…taking a break can be a blow to one’s ego…unless you get a phone call or have to change the CD…“I didn’t stop…I had to stop”…I always use these small things to get a break…So, maybe you could ask your wife to call you somehwhere around the 15k mark…
That doesn’t mean I answer all my calls…

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On Sun, 3 Jul 2005 08:49:43 -0500, Skippii wrote:
> I think that hardest is taking off a backpack, taking off the
> sweater with the backpackin your mouth, and then putting the sweater
> in the backpack.

It’s even harder on a bicycle, but I have done it. I don’t think I
held the bag in my mouth, though.

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What’s a “cell phone?”

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A common misunderstanding is that the problem with phone users in cars is the hands. The conversation, according to studies, is what causes the breakdown in attention to driving. A study by AAA or Consumers Union (can’t remember which) found that handheld and hands-free phone users had about the same number of problems.

None of which affects us unicyclists much, unless you’re worried about crashing into someone or causing a traffic accident through inattentive riding.

My personal best is changing film in a camera during a unicycle race. It was one of the longest races I’ve ever been in, at 9 miles (on a 24" wheel). The camera was small, and I wanted to attempt the challenge. It worked, and I finished in the top three!

I have heard that too. Handsfree is just as risky as hand held in a car. Sending SMS is worse as it takes a lot more concentration.

Without reading glasses and generally having fat thumbs etc, I don’t think I could send an SMS whilst riding a uni.

I thought of you: