Im a relatively new unicycler, i live in BC and am surrounded by beautiful shore and solid DH action. the local mountain, Mt. Washington charges 1/2 price for lift tickets for uni’s :slight_smile: . i was wondering what Moab is, as a Uni event. from what i gleaned from various other posts, and knowledge of the area, it’s a muni meet. if so where can i get more info on getting there, when it is, costs etc. Thanks for any help

Moab, is a beautiful, scenic place un Utah. It’s often referred to as the biking Mecca because of it’s awesome biking trails that are unlike anywhere else in the world.

Moab MuniFest, is currently the largest muni event ever held. It’s usually held around easter time, with a full weekend of some of the most awesome ridng ever. I was blessed to have gone this year and loved every second of it.

You can find info about it here:

Re: Moab

I think Jim Morrison said it best on that live Doors album:

“The west is best. The WEST is the BEST. Get here, and we’ll do the rest…”

All riding is good, but no riding is like Moab riding.

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yeah, if i didnt read the credits on the album i would have never known he was waxing poetic about Falls City Oregon.