Moab Video

Here’s a video I put together from the Moab Muni Fest back in March. I didn’t capture any technical muni because I had a low battery to begin with and ran out before I got to the good stuff. But I did get some nice scenic shots. Enjoy! :slight_smile:

p.s. please excuse the smear on the screen in some shots. I was too buisy hiking and riding while filming to notice the smear :angry:

Hey that’s schweet! I love the cliffside footage. Madness!

You gotta get more camera batteries or something - that always seems to be what limits your filming!

The Vegas footage was cool, although not as cool as if you had called us…we were all on the strip in the Venetian at the time :smiley:

The enclosed walkway you were riding through is pretty neat during the early evening. The whole thing lights up and does a musical light show about once an hour!

That was really nice. I liked your choices of music as well. I hadn’t noticed you’d mentioined it in the original post, so my two words of advice were going to be:

Lens Tissue!

But now you know. Much cheaper than batteries, and you’ll want lots of battery time for a place like Moab.

Lots of fun at the Castle Valley overlook, and in Vegas, baby. You guys must have been there pretty darn late; there was nobody on Freemont Street! And hardly any traffic on Las Vegas Blvd…

Were in vegas baby, yeah!

That was a great movie, thanks for posting it.

It was kind of nice that you didn’t get a chance to focus on all the technical stuff; it was cool to see you just riding around and having fun.

Thanks guys!

You’re right my filming has been cut short too many times! dangit. We were kind of in a travelers trance. Then when we thought of calling, we thought it was too late. Ya, It would have been cooler if we met up. Next time!

Ya I do need lense tissues haha. That view at the overlook is just too awesome for words. We were riding in Vegas at like 3am lol

I agree. I captured the fun and that counts more than anything. But still…

I spent one night and day in Vegas (no strip clubs, no gambling); that was enough Vegas for me to last a lifetime lmao.