Moab video - Blood, Sweat and Wheels

Well, the Moab Muni Fest video “Blood, Sweat and Wheels” seems to be working out about as well as the actual Moab Fest itself - and I’m sure you know by now that that is a good thing.

I have completed editing “Blood, Sweat and Wheels - Shortcut”, which is the edit that will be shown at the Georgetown University Film Festival on April 12. It clocks in at a little over 20 minutes and I have to say I am very pleased with it.

I plan to spend a few more weeks polishing it up for the final, slightly longer cut. I want to provide the best possible video for those who attended - as well as for the people who one day may be considering me for an editing job.:smiley:

I’m looking into duplication solutions and costs. I’d like to get a copy to everybody who wants it. I just need a few weeks to get the final edit and duplication issues out of the way. When everything is set, I’ll post something to this forum. If you don’t haunt the forum that much, take down my email address ( and email me when you read this, and I’ll put your name on a list of interested parties.

There were tons of great things happening and I got lots of it on video. I’m sure I missed a lot, but I got plenty of unbelieveable stuff. The video is sort of Moab through my eyes - and I’d like to think the love shines through.

Thanks to everybody who helped out. Check this space for updates.

With not much luck you’ll probably beat the final cut of the MUni Weekend 2002 video…:slight_smile:

Definitely put me down for a copy (or two) of yours.

Any plans to distribute it on DVD?

Good question, John

It will definitely be available on DVD. How good the DVD is depends on how soon we get certain new equipment in here at work.

Depending on file size you can always encode super video cd’s This way you can watch your video in most DVD players but it only costs the amount for a CDR.

I’ve done this alot with movies that I have burned off my computer since I dont have a DVD-rw. With good quality I have usually can get an hour of video per CDR.


Yeah, I’ve done VCDs before and they are pretty good. The compression is pretty obvious, though - and it always breaks my heart to compress videos I’ve put so much work into.

The DVDs shouldn’t be a problem, I’ll just buy bulk to keep the price down. When I talk about how “good” they’ll be, I’m just talking about whether they will have chapter stops or good menus and stuff like that.

Will they be available to people who didn’t intend, as well? How much do you think a DVD would cost?


Sorry Nikki, but I couldn’t resist :). I assume you meant attend here, and I’d take Nick saying that he’d “like to get a copy to everybody who wants it” (first post) to mean, that yes they’d be available for you and I.


Right you are, sir. I intend to make it available to anybody who wants it. You and Nikki might want to email me if your interested so I can keep an email address on file.

Re: Moab video - Blood, Sweat and Wheels

On Thu, 3 Apr 2003 16:47:51 -0600, nbrazzi
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>I’m looking into duplication solutions and costs. I’d like to get a
>copy to everybody who wants it.

Any chance that you’ll make a PAL version too?

Klaas Bil - Newsgroup Addict

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Another good question, Klaas. I can make a PAL VHS, but not DVD. So, any of our european friends who need one, just make sure you tell me you need PAL (or SECAM for you Frenchies).

I don’t know what the shipping is going to be like, but I’m sure it will be more to send it across the pond.

Oops. :roll_eyes: I thought I had typed “attend”. Hee hee.


Okay, I’ll email you now.