Moab Utah carpool (2 spots needed)

It looks like I’ve got two people who are looking for rides down to Moab. They live in Provo, which is directly off of the freeway and a little before entering the canyon.
Anyone have a little extra space (preferably someone from Utah)? I’m pretty sure their schedules are flexible. I know this is getting last minute, but thanks.

I will be driving a cargo van (with no back seats and a dog).

It would be somewhat uncomfortable (although I think that this cloth folding chair I am sitting in would improve the circumstances).

If you have no alternative, I’d be willing to help.

Re: Moab Utah carpool (2 spots needed)

We can take 1 definitely, but can’t commit on the 2nd one because I don’t know how things well fit space wise yet in our rental van.

We get in Friday mid morning (10-ish), and could pick someone up in Provo on our way down. Return might be a problem, as we’re staying over Sunday night and doing a half day of hiking on Monday before heading back.

If push comes to shove, we could take either a second rider or a second rider’s gear, but maybe not both.

Let’s keep the thread going and figure things out. Or PM me and I’ll send my cell number.


Here’s the situation: We’ve got four riders who all want to come. We’ve got a car big enough to hold four riders, but when you add in all the safety gear, unicycles, food and water, and camping equipment, the space gets severely depleted. So maybe some extra space for equipment is all we’d need. I will talk to them as soon as I can and see what everyone is thinking. If it’s only gear that needs to be transported, it should be no problem to just stick it in the cargo van. Thank you both for offering your help. Tom, we may end up needing space for an extra person as well. So thanks.

Sounds like the start of a plan. We can take some combo of gear and people. If you want to PM me with details and your email, we can take this offline as things get closer.

I’m passing through Orem/Provo between 1 and 2am Saturday morning. I’d be happy to pick up a passenger and or gear. I’m already picking up one person in Orem, so I can probably handle only one more passenger and a moderate amount of gear.

PM me if I can help.