MOAB urgent questions

At first I thought i was going to moab, then I thought my chances were lost, and now they are looking up again! If I am to be able to go (please please) are there any more caravans or rides i could get from SLC airport. If not I could always uni to moab from the airport! But I’d really really really rather not go that far of a distance. Also as for overnight arrangements in moab. What do you suggest I do about that?

Re: MOAB urgent questions

All is answered in this thread:

We might be able to help with that ride from the airport…when do you get in?

As for lodging, hit rolf’s home page for the muni fest. Lots of links to local lodging. The Best Westerns are good options, and there are others for more or less $$. I’d say the AArchway Inn is not worth the money, plus it’s kind of far from the riding.