Moab Unicycle Size

I know there are a hundred of posts discussing pros and cons of the different sizes of unicycles. at this point i am just curious if you were taking one unicycle to Moab what size wheel and the length of cranks would you take?

24", 150mm, but it depends what trails you’re riding. There are trails which are more fun on 29", but the trails which are the most fun, are the most fun on 24".

26" is my choice with 137/165 spirit cranks for my first purchase as I’m a beginner who has never riden a unicycle before.
Considering I have plenty of inner tubes and spare 26" tires lying around for my mountain bike so I don’t have to spent more on tubes and tires if it ever wears out.

What Tom said, though I’d call the size 24/26". My 24x3" wheel is close to the same size as your average 26" mountain bike wheel, and 26" is also a great size for MUni. For Moab, think technical riding.

thanks for the help, i have been trying to decide if i wanted a 24 or 26 for moab.
i’m thinking that my 29 will just be to big to be fun on the hills.

The 29 is fine on Slickrock, if you’re going to walk the uphills, which most people do anyway. Tomas rode a 36" this year and enjoyed it. But on Porcupine Rim and the other super-techy trails, you’d have to skip the fun parts on a bigger wheel, unless you like doing super-techy stuff on a big wheel.

You don’t want a 29er on this:

I used a 26 with a 2.4 tire and 150 cranks which seemed about ideal to me