Moab Trip

youtube disabled the audio so no video there…

awesome. Loved it all.

Nice job Max

kilometers has been picking his nose again lol.

:astonished: i didnt realise that tortoise was actually a pet. no fair! i want a freekin pet tortoise! they look so soft n cuddly n cute haha

pg to straight onto the next rock was totally unexpected. and 2:09 was massive n smooth.

cool goats.

Very nice vid :).

nice vid!!!
2:09 was sick :astonished:

Awsome vid! Loved it, great editing, filming and riding. Nice music to, that turtles cool.

very smooth style, max. i also liked the lines from the other riders, seems like you guys had a great time in moab

keep it up!

Max, you’re just amazing.

The whole video I kept screaming “DID YOU SEE THAT!?”

… and I was the only one watching the video.

When you went up that big rock in two hops I couldn’t believe my eyes. Incredible…

Wow, :51 and 2:08. seem impossible

A new unicycle discipline was born.Unicycle Bouldering.Amazing.


Wow, some of those just looked impossible… Awesome vid.

2:10 was unbelievable! How many attempts did it take you? Just one, right?

Such sweet lines and the angle changes in the fliming were cool. Sweet riding.

Cool video, and some great trials lines there. Enjoyed that, thanks :slight_smile:

Very Impressive Max. Thats pretty sweet how you jumped up the boulder as tall as you! Keep up the great work.

Your CRAZY max! That video rocked my socks off!

that video was awesome!!

Lol no doubt best trials rider ever.

Loooooooooooooooooved the tortise! so cute

sick video…but i am on to you max.