moab Trials comp?

i was looking at the moab munifest sight and it doesn look like the have a trials comp. there is still 38 days left i think they need to plan one what do you think? even if it has to be unoficial for legal reasons we should plan one.

or probably an official one! Very good reasons to have an official one.

  1. encourage some of the competitive riders to come and make to big trip out there. Also encourage non competitives to come watch.
  2. It would be better for the media covering the event
  3. Having a trials comp would be much more entertaining for the riders not participating in the comp
  4. It would inspire younger riders to progress the sport and give them something to look forward to for next year.
  5. It would push the unicycling sport
  6. Mix up the monotonous trail rides
  7. Moab is extreme!

So then go there early and organize one. Organizing a trials comp that works well takes a fair amount of work, and when you consider the scale of Moab, there is already a ton of work involved. Making small changes to which trails to ride and things of that nature, aren’t too bad, but adding in a trials competition, especially last minute and especially if you want anything remotely official, is a rediculous amount of work.

Moab is a Muni festival, it isn’t a trials comp. If you don’t like that, then organize your own festival/competition.

a trials comp would be excellent. all of Joe’s reasons are excellent but we could make it just a natural trials comp because of the abundance of cool, strange, and awesome rocks. those aren’t too hard to set up, just pick the lines, and mark them with tape.

I think Rolf Thompson would encourage the volunteer organization of a Trials comp if there was a space in the schedule for it and, more importantly, a place where we can do it legally. A problem that a lot of Trials riders have is a lack of willingness to accept that there are things that people don’t want marked up by a bunch of unicycles. This could be rocks or cryptobiotic soil in the park areas, or private property in non-public areas.

I think this is what has kept us from having natural Trials competitions the last couple of years but I’m not sure. Because we are such a big group, we make a big impact on the area even if we just ride the trails. Going off the trails makes impacts that everyone else can see, possibly for years afterward. So in a fragile place like Moab, where we are so well known, it’s imperative that we do things above-board and don’t risk making a bad name for unicycling in one of the few places where the world notices us.

Looks like Rolf is about to announce what the plans are for this year’s event, and potential Trials course-builder volunteers can take it from there.

good point john!
i guess we would have to do it somewhere where bikes, jeeps, and other recreational activities have already happened and have already marked the surroundings cool tire marks :). or build objects? or do it in private property?
the trials comp sounds like a good idea to me!

personally i wouldnt want a trials comp in moab. When i go to moab I want to ride… Ride hard and with lots of cool people.

they tried to do competitions in 07’ and it was a complete mess of riders making up events and judges that couldnt pick winners.

I say that i understant you desire for a comp joe… i think comps are fun and i look forward to doing another one with good riders… but in moab… well the best way i can put it is…

lets just kick some ass :sunglasses:

weather or not its planned me and joe campbell are taking a day for trials. i will bring tape to set some lines for anyone who is interested in having a comp.

Personally, I like the fact that Rolf has gone away from having a major trials competition at Moab. What competitions there have been in the past few years have been focused on activities that everyone can participate in. There will be near 200 unicyclists at Moab, and probably 20 or 30 trials guys.

That said, I don’t mind watching and photographing trials, so this sounds like a good compromise.


Moab Munifest is the perfect place to stay away from formal competitions IMO. The terrain is so incredibly good for all styles and ability levels that there’s just no need for it. Plus, Rolf is very much a rider who wants to ride at Moab, not spend all his time organizing. Keeping the event non-competitive is a lot more fun for him, and keeping Rolf and family happy is a great way for all of us to make sure this awesome event keeps happening.

Plus, a great thing about these meets is that it gives riders a chance to try styles they don’t always do, especially trials/street riders that don’t live in places where they have the opportunity to ride all day on world class trails. Of course, the place is amazing for trials too, but this is something worth thinking about.

Note re trials - be careful riding trials near the side of any road with little brown marker posts that say “NPS”. That stands for National Park Service and you may get busted and fined. I got a stern lecture and nearly lost my uni and a bunch of camera gear a few years ago due to that.



For Sundays ride on Slickrock, I will be holding a little competition for whoever can ride the farthest without falling. We’ll start at the parking lot and go to the Practice Loop. Wait for all the riders and rest. Then whoever still hasn’t fallen, will continue on. I will have a special prize for first and second and maybe third. It will be based on the honor system as I would like to believe most unicyclist can keep it real. Depending on how long and how it goes and how many riders we have left, we will stop and rest every now and then, but not too often. Should be a nice simple comp that I hope is fun. And if anyone rides the entire trail without and unplanned dismounts…that would be incredible! Kris Holm, you’re exempt! J/K :slight_smile:

Fun idea. However, I think even KH wouldn’t make it on the first round; those sand pits are pretty brutal. The competition will come down to who gets through the sand pits better.

The sandy areas are the toughest parts for dismount-free riding. I’ve done an “every inch” ride of the Practice Loop, but it took a log time and a lot of tries! Lots of resting to tackle the many small but steep climbs at that 4500’ or so of elevation.

Ya, I might make an exemption for the sand pits…but we’ll see. Maybe those will be our “rest” stops.

As Tom Holub would say, the sandy parts are “totally doable”. You just need to hop a lot and keep the energy up to keep lifting that wheel over the sand. I recommend taking the rest breaks at the other side! The sand is at the bottoms of the climbs, which are best to hit fresh. :slight_smile: