Moab Trails & Trials

I dont know anything about the trails at moab. Wich ones are the hars, rouph trails, and wich are the easy ones? Is the slickrock trail really jagged and hard? Or is the porkypine rim trail the hard one?

Which Trails are the best for trials lines? Ive heard the practive loop is the trail to go on for the trials lines and stuff.

The bottom line is i want to be able to do trials, single track, and mostly a hard rocky trail, the hardest rockiest, jagged one out there. Is it possible to do all 3 of those kind of trails? Or do i have to just pick a few?

ok i think i have my bearings in order. Correct me if this wont work.

On march 24 i can take the practice loop and hit up those trials lines, and what ever else they have going that day. What else do they have going that day besides the practice loop?

March 25, i will do the “hoppers” ride, and im guessing this will take up the whole day?

March 26, i can meet at the sovereign trail head at 9:30 and ride the sweet single track.

  Will this all work out right?

All of the trails have great natural trials. The practice loop is probably better than the full Slickrock Trail for trials, because the full trail is really long and tiring, so doing a lot of extra stuff is probably not advised unless you have a nuclear power source. (Even just riding, in normal March temperatures it’s easy to go through a gallon of water out there).

The Slickrock Trail is mostly not very jagged; it’s more like frozen sand dunes. Steep, uneven, but not jagged. Porcupine Rim has more jagged rocks.

I don’t know anything about the planned Sunday ride.

Everything has the best trials lines. You don’t need to worry about that.

Slickrock is mainly smooth, rounded blobs of sandstone, none of it is really ‘jagged’ but there are a lot of ‘rough’ parts…

From what I’ve seen, Porcipine Rim is a little more jagged-ish. In Universe 2 I think most of the Moab part is on Porcipine Rim.

If you read you can find all sorts of links about trails and the area. From what I’ve read, the sunday Sovereign Trail Singletrack ride has dirt, sand, slickrock, and jagged rocks, all at different parts of the trail.

Yep. On friday Rolf has a street/trials ride planned around town, and to “hit up the new skatepark” at 10:00 am, and then play around the practice loop at 1:30

The hoppers ride probablly won’t take very long, maybe…couple hours, I dunno. In which case the riders wh finish before the longer riders will probally mess around riding somewere esle, or doing parts over, stuff like that.

At least thats the way I rant about it :stuck_out_tongue:

around thanks giving i rode the slickrock practice loop, amasaback trail(with the singletrack way back down) and klondike bluffs. the bluffs is a great out and back with a long climb to the top and a swet downhill back the way you came. also has dinosaur tracks. it’s neat. slickrock practice loop has tons of sweet trials. lots of ledges and boulders and such. amasaback is freaking awesome. i didn’t get the chance to ride porcipine but i’m told it’s great. amasaback is fairly technical and the single back is super hard. i rode ~50% of it. the biggest problem is that for some it, there’s a ~100 ft drop into the river if you bail.

HERE is a site with lots of reviews and advice concerning Porcipine rim, saturday’s long ride, as well as tons of other Moab trails.

Here is a place that details a little more on the trails, with maps. (on the left go down to Moab trails)

Pics of what those “two wheelers” do on Porcipine rim…

(you can tell I’m bored, and very anxious. :slight_smile: )

God I am sooo doing this next year.

When we are just playing around does any one know if we will be really close to our cars? I would want my trials uni and BC if we are just playing around but I would need my muni for an actual ride and obviosly I can’t carry around my other unis with me. Although if its easy might strap a bc to my back just in case:D

i don’t think i can make it this year, but i’m definitely going to get to this next year.