Moab trail recommendations?

First, Yes, I’ve read about the major rides.

Here’s the reason for this thread: I’ll be stopping to ride in Moab for at least one day on the way to/from the October munifest in Albuquerque. I will have my three boys with me, 2 out of 3 will probably still be on bikes, ages 11 and 14, and they are not experienced trail riders (but we will do some riding this summer). I’m actually less worried about my muni kid, age 12.

So, any recommendations for Moab trails that would be fun for muni, but also still rideable for beginner-intermediate mountain bike kids? I’m probably looking to avoid anything with major exposure or dangerous descents.

The Slickrock Trail is perfect; no real exposure, no unmanageable downhills, lots of options for people of any skill level. This year I had a friend ride it as his first-ever real mountain bike ride, and he did fine.

There’s a new trail called Pipe Dream that also has some potential; it’s all singletrack, but pretty much all rollable, with some switchbacks and rock bridges to keep it interesting.

And the Sovereign trail system north of town has a bunch of desert singletrack, mostly not very technical (with some exceptions).

Slickrock all the way man!

Cool, good to hear. Slick rock will be #1.

If you’ve never been to Moab, got to start with the famous Slickrock Trail. It’s very interesting, and very different from most riding situations anywhere else. This is because 99% of the riding is on pure rock. It’s smooth (but not slick; long story), but can be steep.

Start with the Practice Loop. Don’t let the name fool you, its exactly the same type of terrain as the main loop, but a shorter ride. If you like that, you can head down toward the main loop. It’s a great workout though, so the Practice Loop will probably be plenty for you and your boys.

One of the hardest MUni things I’ve ever attempted was riding every inch of the Practice Loop (on a unicycle). It took tons of dismounts, and eventually a lot of standing around trying to catch my breath, but I did finally complete it. The hardest part is getting across the sand areas, which are hop-only (unless you have a Nimbus Oregon or similar)

What days will you be there? I’m planning on rolling in Tuesday late, maybe Weds, so riding thur/Fri, then heading the NM for the fest.

Josh and Amy from UDC will be there.

We should get together and do some riding, Josh was suggesting an alternative to Slickrock that is just as fun, but less crowded. I Can’t remember the trail name but I’ll talk to him next weekend about it.

I’m camping, how about you and the crew?

The Moab Brand Trails just north of town are pretty decent too. No real major elevation change and good for just about all ability levels. Rode there the day after did Slick Rock Trail last July (unknown to me, but on a broken foot!). Ranges from double track to slick rock and some rough 4x4 stuff. Fun to go fast and the views are incredible. I thought Slick Rock was very difficult but then again it was in July! :slight_smile:

Nice views on the Brand trails, too:

One exception to the “no real major elevation change”; the Killer B trail is serious rocky technical sweetness. If you’re into that.

No solid plans yet, can definitely adjust to meet up with others. I just made a reservation to be at the campground outside Alb. for Thursday night, so I’ll be driving on Thursday. But the camp hosts seem pretty workable, I could probably change that.
Traveling by truck with big pull trailer.

Let us know if you find out the alternate slick rock trail.

Does anyone have a camprground (read: RV park) recommendation? I doubt it will be too crowded there mid-week in October, but might as well go ahead and make reservations. Would also be fun to stay at one place if we can.

The Moab MUniFest used the Canyonlands RV park on the outskirts of town. It’s fine, has a hot tub and stuff. There are also BLM campgrounds right near Slickrock.

Ben, looking at distances, I’m planning on Thursday being a travel day between Moab and Alb., so I’ll be able to do the organized ride on Friday. Looking at riding in Moab on Tues and Wed. Can you up your schedule a day or two?

I want to attend the munifest in Asheville (NC) on Fri-Sat before leaving, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to do that and start a week long trip West, either way I’ll start driving West on Sunday. It’ll take me two days to get to Moab, so Tues-Weds would be my ride days, maybe Thursday morning if I have any steam left :slight_smile:

I’d like to do at least one technical “classic” ride and then a longer XC “classic” ride, as well, since Josh will be at Outerbike, I’d like to see if he can get out to ride.

Are you bringing a 36er?

It could be busy due to Outerbike events…and it’s prime season for riding/hiking/climbing, as well I think it’s Fall Break. Let me know if you get reservations and I’ll see if can get a place next to you. I’m good with a dry camp on BLM too, though it’d be nice to have a clean up spot…

I’d be interested in doing a classic XC ride with you before I commit to a technical ride. . . :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe let’s plan that for Tuesday.

I just pinned down a reservation at Canyonlands Campground
Sounds like they are filling up.

I hadn’t really planned on it, but I can certainly toss in my 36er. Problem with 36 is it means my son on a 24 won’t keep up, but I can make him ride a bike (which he does not like nearly as much as his uni :slight_smile: ). I doubt I ride nearly as hard terrain on my 36 as you do - although I might if somebody gave me a fabulous new tire. :wink:

Ben, now that my son’s broken his toe, I’m not sure he’ll be riding a uni at all. So 36er xc in Moab is sounding more likely for me. I’ll still be on 152’s with the Coker Non-Skid anchoring me down, so hopefully we can take that into account with our trail choice.

If you’re looking for 36er XC there’s not a whole lot in Moab other than dirt roads, but there’s a new trail in town called Pipe Dream that should fit the bill. It’s a beautiful 29er trail, a bit on the tight technical side for a 36er but Totally Doable.

Thanks Tom, that sounds like one worth checkin out. I have no idea about Moab, never been there, but I don’t have to ride the 36er there, I am planning to ride as I travel and I’ll probably try to work it into a ride in NM.

I like technical on a 36er :smiley:

Bummer about his toe, what happened?

Maybe he can ride with steel toe boots??

I’m sure it’ll be fine, we can look for trails that are double track up and single track down, tight, steep, technical single track :stuck_out_tongue:

Pipe Dream with Tom H. Access is right from town. Enjoy Moab, its a very unique piece of paradise.

Pipe Dream2012-04-01.JPG

Pipe Dream2012-04-01_1.JPG

Pipe Dream2012-04-01_2.JPG


Is there a better direction to ride, can you start high on the trail, I’m assuming it’s a loop…

That’s some climbing for the big wheel, but I’m game if the Shark is up for it :smiley: