Moab ride/residence proposal

So I’m probably coming into one of the near moab airports at a kind of annoying time on thursday night. I will be getting in around 10:30-11:00, this makes it pretty hard for me to find a ride anywhere, and since most car rental places won’t rent cars to people under 20 I’m in a bit of a pickle. To add to the annoyance I seem to be leaving at an odd time, needing to be at the SLC airport for my 1 oclock international flight (so I gotta be there around 11:30-noonish)

I am also going to be needing a place to stay in Moab and of course since most people going to this don’t live in moab they will also need a place to stay.

I have found a hostel/camping type place called the lazy lizard that has some pretty good prices and they sound like the perfect place.

My proposal is that I will pay for 150 USD worth of a place to stay from thursday until monday, if they can drive me around the events. I will also help pay for communal gas and food.

The place I was thinking about is they have good prices, they look like some pretty sweet rooms and stuff, so yeah if they have room then it would work out pretty well.

Please let me know if you are interested.

So I have been looking into this alot, I will probably just end up begging for thursday morning off so that I can get into moab in a timely fashion, but in my attempts to get to moab I found this little airport that is actualy in Moab.

They seem to fly a shuttle service back and forth from SLC to Moab, it was pretty cheap too, only like 100 bucks for return flight, the only problem is the times that it flies.

Still this may be useful to other people coming and going to Moab, I will probably be trying to get onto that flight, since its way easier than driving to Moab and probably about the same price.

I stayed in a private cabin at the Lazy Lizard the last two years of MUni Fest and it worked out good. It is a cool place however you don’t meet all the MUni group like you would if you camped with them. I am undecided where I am staying this year.

I am still looking for a roommate in our Moab condo, but your flight times don’t match up with our already-planned driving. We’re driving down Thursday noon and coming up for 3:00 flights on Monday. A share in the condo would be $145 and we could probably get you around, just not to and from the airport. Also there will be a bunch of other unicyclists at the same condos (Cedar Breaks) so in-town rides should not be an issue. Your best bet is to hook up with some early-Friday people and drive down with them, but you’ll still need a room for Thurs. night in SLC.

Please note you don’t want to be late to the airport for your return flight; two hours is recommended for international flights. 1.5 hours minimum, to be safe, so you really should shoot for arriving at the airport by 11:00, which means leaving Moab around 7:00am.

I’m actualy talking to my boss about getting the morning off aswell, I will let you know tomorrow but that may actualy work out perfectly for me ish… I would be getting in at 12:21 and leaving at 3:08. If this works for you let me know and I will toss in 150 for the condo and rides and stuff.

I got the time off, and I’m about to book the flights, they are the same as I said earlier. I tried to PM you but I guess you have them disabled. If you can give me a lift and you still have that space available then send me an email at ntappin at